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    Order 66 Survivors
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While Order 66 was presumably a standing order, it's quite clear that Palpatine did mean for selected Force adepts to survive the Clone War. Thus, in Star Wars circles, a distinction has arisen between those Jedi killed at the time of the events of Episode III, and those whom Darth Vader subsequently eliminated during the opening decades of The First Galactic Empire.

In the unsettled state of the 2006 Star Wars inter-trilogy period, it is considerably clearer who made it out alive at the end of Revenge of the Sith than who made it all the way to A New Hope. It is expected that of all the Star Wars group lists, none will be more in-flux than this one, as it seems to be the part of the time line most poised for further development from George Lucas himself.

These, then, are the members of the Old Jedi Order who weren't killed by Clone Troopers prior to the end of the Clone Wars. Why are they important? Because these are the only Jedi who could possibly used for further Jedi tales in the inter-trilogy period. And at least one of these characters is likely to be the principal star of the upcoming live action television series.

Niebur Boton
An image for Tsui Choi exists Tsui Choi
An image for Ekria exists Ekria
An image for Kai Hudorra exists Kai Hudorra
An image for Dass Jennir exists Dass Jennir
An image for Kai Justiss exists Kai Justiss
An image for Obi-Wan Kenobi exists Obi-Wan Kenobi
An image for Drake Lo'Gaan exists Drake Lo'Gaan
Noirah Na
An image for Lanu Pasiq exists Lanu Pasiq
An image for Sarcev Quest exists Sarcev Quest
Bultar Swan
An image for Tremayne exists Tremayne
An image for Halagad Ventor exists Halagad Ventor
An image for Vima-Da-Boda exists Vima-Da-Boda
An image for Quinlan Vos exists Quinlan Vos
An image for Yoda exists Yoda
An image for Zonder exists Zonder

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