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    Doctor Who companions
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This broadly defined group includes all those who would, in the most liberal sense, be considered to be a "fellow traveller" with the Doctor. Generally required is a trip in the TARDIS, but certain exceptions, as for Liz Shaw, are allowed. Put in real-life terms, we might call the people on this list "co-stars" or "recurring allies".

While most of the characters on this list are fairly indisputable, there is always a tendency amongst Doctor Who fans to quibble over whether a particular member of U.N.I.T., or a person who was filling the companion role in only one or two stories, actually qualifies. Argue amongst yourselves.

An image for Ace (Doctor Who) exists Ace (Doctor Who)
An image for Adric exists Adric
An image for Arnold (Doctor Who) exists Arnold (Doctor Who)
An image for Barbara (Doctor Who) exists Barbara (Doctor Who)
An image for Ben (Dr. Who) exists Ben (Dr. Who)
An image for Benny (Doctor Who) exists Benny (Doctor Who)
An image for The Brigadier exists The Brigadier
An image for Chantir exists Chantir
An image for Ian Chesterton exists Ian Chesterton
An image for "Specs" Crabshaw
An image for Destrii exists Destrii
An image for Maxwell Edison exists Maxwell Edison
An image for Fey/Feyde exists Fey/Feyde
An image for Frobisher exists Frobisher
An image for Professor Gnat exists Professor Gnat
An image for Gabriella Gabriella "Gabby" Gonzales
An image for Gus (Doctor Who) exists Gus (Doctor Who)
An image for Captain Jack Harkness exists Captain Jack Harkness
Harry (Doctor Who)
An image for Dr. Grace Holloway exists Dr. Grace Holloway
An image for Izzy exists Izzy
An image for Jamie (Doctor Who) exists Jamie (Doctor Who)
An image for Jo (Dr. Who) exists Jo (Dr. Who)
An image for John and Gillian exists John and Gillian
An image for Martha Jones exists Martha Jones
An image for K-9 exists K-9
An image for Jayne Kadett exists Jayne Kadett
An image for Leela exists Leela
Dave Lester
An image for Liz (Doctor Who) exists Liz (Doctor Who)
Louise (60s Doctor Who movies)
Kara McGravy
An image for Mel exists Mel
Adam Mitchell
An image for Donna Noble exists Donna Noble
An image for Nyssa exists Nyssa
An image for Alice Obiefune exists Alice Obiefune
An image for Olla exists Olla
Oswald (Doctor Who)
Clara Oswald
An image for Peri exists Peri
An image for Polly (Doctor Who) exists Polly (Doctor Who)
An image for Amelia Jessica 'Amy' Pond exists Amelia Jessica 'Amy' Pond
Bill Potts
An image for Romana (02) exists Romana (02)
An image for Romana (Doctor Who)(01) exists Romana (Doctor Who)(01)
An image for Sarah Jane (Doctor Who) exists Sarah Jane (Doctor Who)
An image for Sharon exists Sharon
An image for Shayde exists Shayde
Sir Justin (Doctor Who)
An image for Mickey Smith exists Mickey Smith
An image for Melody Melody "River" Song (Doctor Who)
An image for Ssard exists Ssard
An image for Steven (Doctor Who) exists Steven (Doctor Who)
An image for Susan (60s Doctor Who movies) exists Susan (60s Doctor Who movies)
An image for Tegan exists Tegan
An image for Stacy Townsend exists Stacy Townsend
An image for Turlough exists Turlough
Jackie Tyler
An image for Rose Tyler exists Rose Tyler
An image for Vicki (Doctor Who) exists Vicki (Doctor Who)
Daisy White
An image for Rory Williams exists Rory Williams
An image for Cindy Wu exists Cindy Wu
An image for Captain Mike Yates exists Captain Mike Yates
Miss Young
An image for ZoŽ (Dr. Who) exists ZoŽ (Dr. Who)

= Image available

Doctor Who: The Forgotten (2008)

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