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    S.T.A.R. Labs (DC)
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First Appearance: Superman #246

An image for Atomic Knight exists Atomic Knight
Kala Avasti
Michael Booth
Christine Bruckner
An image for Bumblebee (DC) exists Bumblebee (DC)
An image for Lucas 'Snapper' Carr exists Lucas 'Snapper' Carr
Dr. Chrissie Cavendish
Dr. Sarah Charles (DC)
An image for Clayface (DC)(03 - Preston Payne) exists Clayface (DC)(03 - Preston Payne)
Professor John Cloud
Dr. David Connor
Professor Bridgette Crosby
An image for Cyborg (DC) exists Cyborg (DC)
Fred Danvers (DC)(Earth-1)
Deadzone (DC) (01 - Jay Daniels)
Doctor Augustine
An image for Doctor Farr (Earth-1) exists Doctor Farr (Earth-1)
Doctor Frederic Asher
An image for Doctor Light (DC)(04 - Kimiyo Hoshi) exists Doctor Light (DC)(04 - Kimiyo Hoshi)
Doctor Yarnell
Melissa Dugan
Dr. Karen Lou 'Kitty' Faulkner
An image for Fusion (DC) (Ed & Beth Wilder) exists Fusion (DC) (Ed & Beth Wilder)
An image for Emil Hamilton exists Emil Hamilton
Rebecca Harrison
Lawrence Hawthorne
Harrison Hayford
An image for Dr. Jenet Klyburn exists Dr. Jenet Klyburn
Dr. Jean Louis Mardis
An image for Tina McGee exists Tina McGee
Dr. Albert Michaels
Dr. Myers
An image for Valerie Perez exists Valerie Perez
An image for Poison Ivy (DC)(Pamela Isley) exists Poison Ivy (DC)(Pamela Isley)
Dr. David Ramsey
An image for Andrew Raymond exists Andrew Raymond
Mateo Rivera
Rory (DC)
Antonio Scarelli
Doctor Henry Simmons (DC)
Garrison Slate
Bryndon Smith
An image for Professor Martin Stein exists Professor Martin Stein
An image for Silas Stone (DC) exists Silas Stone (DC)
Jennifer Elizabeth Barbara Stuart (DC)
Doctor Murray Takamoto
Trauma (DC)
Thomas Woodrow

= Image available

52 (2006)
Action Comics (1938)
Adventure Comics (1938)
Adventures of Superman (1987)
Adventures of Superman [I] (2013)
Adventures of Superman [II] (2013)
Adventures of Superman: José Luis García-López (2013)
Animal Man (1988)
Aquaman (1994)
Batman (1940)
Batman: Gotham Knights (2000)
Blackest Night: Black Lantern Corps (2010)
Blackest Night: JSA (2010)
Blue Beetle (1986)
Blue Beetle (2006)
Blue Devil (1984)
Booster Gold (1986)
Booster Gold (2007)
Chronos (1998)
Crisis on Infinite Earths (1985)
Darkstars (1992)
DC Comics Presents (1978)
DC Comics: the Sequential Art of Amanda Conner (2012)
DC Special: Cyborg (2008)
DC Universe Online: Legends (2011)
DCU: Legacies (2010)
Deadman (2011)
Detective Comics (1937)
Eradicator (1996)
Firestorm (2004)
Flash: The Fastest Man Alive (2006)
Flashpoint: Citizen Cold (2011)
Flashpoint: The World of Flashpoint Featuring The Flash (2012)
Formerly Known as the Justice League (2003)
Gotham City Sirens (2009)
Green Arrow (2001)
Green Arrow [II] (2010)
Green Lantern (1960)
Green Lantern (1990)
Harley Quinn (2000)
Hawk and Dove (1989)
Hawkworld (1990)
JLA (1997)
JLA Superpower (1999)
JLA: Classified (2005)
JSA vs. Kobra (2009)
JSA: Classified (2005)
Justice League International (1987)
Justice League of America (1960)
Justice League of America (2006)
Legends of the Dark Knight: Norm Breyfogle (2015)
Legion of Super-Heroes (1989)
Outsiders (2003)
Power Girl (2006)
Power Girl (2009)
Red Tornado (1985)
Relative Heroes (2000)
Robin (1993)
S.T.A.R. Corps (1993)
Secret Files & Origins Guide to the DC Universe 2000 (2000)
Secret Origins (1986)
Secret Society of Super-Villains (1976)
Showcase '93 (1993)
Showcase '95 (1995)
Showcase '96 (1996)
Starman (1988)
Static Shock (2011)
Steel (1994)
Superboy (1994)
Supergirl/Lex Luthor Special (1993)
Superman (1939)
Superman (1987)
Superman 80-Page Giant (1999)
Superman Metropolis Secret Files (2000)
Superman: Bizarro's World (1996)
Superman: Critical Condition (2001)
Superman: Der Mann aus Stahl Special (2000)
Superman: Nightwing and Flamebird (2010)
Superman: Secret Files (1998)
Superman: The Man of Steel (1991)
Superman: The Man of Tomorrow (1995)
Superman's Nemesis: Lex Luthor (1999)
Supermen of America (2000)
Tales of the Batman: Len Wein (2014)
Tales of the Teen Titans (1984)
Team Titans (1992)
Teen Titans (2003)
Teen Titans Spotlight (1986)
The Brave and the Bold (1955)
The Flash (1987)
The Flash by Grant Morrison and Mark Millar (2016)
The New Teen Titans (1980)
The New Teen Titans (1984)
The New Titans (1988)
The OMAC Project (2005)
The Phantom Stranger (1987)
The Phantom Zone (1982)
The Power Company (2002)
The Power of SHAZAM! (1995)
The Super Friends (1976)
The Superman Family (1974)
The Titans (1999)
The Weird (1988)
Wednesday Comics (2009)
Who's Who in the DC Universe (1990)
Who's Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe (1985)
Who's Who: Update '87 (1987)
Wonder Woman (1942)
World's Finest Comics (1941)

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