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    Young Allies (02 - Heroes Reborn)
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The Young Allies came into conflict with the Redeemers, a US-government-backed team related to the Thunderbolts, while the Redeemers were supervised by Captain America, who, due to amnesia, had forgotten his time on the other Earth with the Allies' Bucky. The conflict was caused by Allies' creation of a hoax chemical weapons scare in the "main" Earth's Latveria in an attempt to force Doctor Doom, the then-ruler of Counter-Earth, to distribute food and medicine more evenly. When they left, Bucky was left sore that Cap thought she'd be capable of really using a WMD, causing Cap to lie to Doom that other canisters had been hidden. Later, they encountered the Thunderbolts themselves on their homeworld, while a rift was threatening to destroy both worlds. When the crisis was resolved and the Thunderbolts returned home, Jolt remained behind with the team. Recently, the Exiles visited Counter-Earth to save it from Proteus, in their teammate Morph's body. At first, Proteus convinced the Young Allies to fight the Exiles. The Young Allies later figured out the truth when Proteus was enjoying torturing the Exiles. Proteus seemed to be winning, but two cosmic entities known as "O" and "K" ripped Proteus away from the Exiles, saying that they've been waiting for him. They supplied Proteus with an army of nukes. Empress Dorma and Proteus soon clashed, resulting in Proteus taking Dorma's crown, drying up Atlantis, and killing her and her soldiers. The Exiles arrived with the Young Allies at Atlantis. Proteus then launched the nukes. Luckily, Colt and Jolt stopped the nukes without detonating them. Proteus had the Exiles and the Young Allies on the ropes when he put his crown back on. Unbeknownst to him, however, Blink rigged it with a behavior modifier- causing Proteus to believe he really is Morph and being trapped in Morph's body. The Exiles then teleported back to Panoptichron and sent the last remaining nukes into space. The Young Allies then thanked the Exiles for saving their world from the nukes, Dorma, and Proteus as they left.

An image for Bucky (Marvel)(07 - Rikki Barnes) exists Bucky (Marvel)(07 - Rikki Barnes)
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Kay (Marvel)(Young Allies)
Kid Colt (Marvel)(02 - Young Allies)
O (Young Allies)
An image for Toro (Marvel)(Heroes Reborn) exists Toro (Marvel)(Heroes Reborn)

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All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z (2006)
Exiles (2001)
Heroes Reborn: Young Allies (2000)
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z (2008)
Thunderbolts (1997)
Venom (2011)

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