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    Resistants (Marvel)
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When Captain America and Battlestar captured a suspected unregistered mutant, Meteorite, Paralyzer, Crucible and Occult attacked the helicopter escorting them and demanded his release. When Captain America refused, the Resistants destroyed the helicopter and killed the pilot. They took the mutant and asked him to join their cause; he went on to take the name Quill.

Meteorite, Crucible, Quill and Mist Mistress attacked a truck en route to the Vault and freed the mutant criminal named Marvin Flumm (AKA Mentallo). The Resistants brought Flumm to their headquarters, where they asked him to join them. He accepted and chose to go by the name Think-Tank. Later Meteorite, Occult, Crucible, Think Tank, Mist Mistrss and Paralyzer went on a mission to free Quicksilver while he was on trial, but on the way Think Tank realized it is a Freedom Force trap to capture them. Meteorite launched a chunk of rock at the courthouse and the team was attacked by Captain America. During the fight Occult was electrocuted, Meteorite shot multiple times and all the rest knocked out and captured.

A Resistant named Rust was among the group gathered by the Red Skull to fight Captain America.

An unidentified gun-toting Resistant joined Ultimatum soldiers, Watchdogs and Sweatshop goons in the Red Skull's plan to destroy priceless documents in the National Archives. When Spider-Man arrived, the criminals fight him and the Resistant was left covered in webs.

Quill was mentally influenced by a device built by Doctor Doom and attempted to attack the Fantastic Four while they testified before Congress. However, he jumped the team at the same time as Plantman and the two collided; both were injured and arrested.

Quill was among the many villains brought to the Vault as the Avengers and Fantastic Four supervised.

The Resistants held a peaceful demonstration in front of the White House where they were confronted by what appeared to be Magneto (it was actually the Machinesmith's robot). They asked it to join them, but it attacked them. When Captain America (Rogers) showed up to fight the robot, one of the Resistants jumped at Magneto, but it just threw him away.

Crucible attended a meeting with the Red Skull and operatives of his various subversive organizations.

A couple of unidentified members of the Resistants attended a fighting competition hosted by Batroc at the AIM Weapons Expo

On their way to attack the Mutant Liberation Front, Crucible, Meteorite and Occult spotted Captain America and the Night Flyer (though it was actually Super Patriot impersonating Cap, and Dead Ringer as Night Flyer). Seeing an opportunity to be rid of one of their enemies, the Resistants attacked. Not wanting to reveal his identity, Super Patriot fought back. When he and Dead Ringer were caught in Meteorite's gravitational grasp Dead Ringer changed his form to that of Death Adder, which turned the tide long enough for Code: Blue to arrive. As the three Resistants were taken in, Super Patriot told Lt. Stone they had been forcing him to commit a crime. Thinking Super Patriot to be the real Captain America (and knowing the Resistants to have warrants for their arrests), Stone accepted his story. The three mutants were taken to jail.

First appears in Captain America (1968) #343.

An image for Crucible (Marvel)(01 - Byron Calley) exists Crucible (Marvel)(01 - Byron Calley)
Meteorite (Marvel)(01 - Ned Lanthrop)
An image for Mist Mistress (Marvel) exists Mist Mistress (Marvel)
An image for Occult (Marvel) exists Occult (Marvel)
An image for Paralyzer (Marvel) exists Paralyzer (Marvel)
An image for Quill (Marvel)(01 - Resistants) exists Quill (Marvel)(01 - Resistants)
An image for Rust (Marvel) exists Rust (Marvel)
An image for Think-Tank (Marvel)(01 - Marvin Flumm) exists Think-Tank (Marvel)(01 - Marvin Flumm)

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Captain America (1968)
The Amazing Spider-Man (1963)
What If...? (1989)

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