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    G.I. Joe Battle Force 2000
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Battle Force 2000 was a military testing and research team, later assigned to the G.I. Joe team. The team's original six members were Avalanche, Blaster, Blocker, Dodger, Knockdown and Maverick. The team first encountered G.I. Joe while stationed in Frusenland. When the government of Frusenland began negotiating with Cobra, a group of Joes were sent there to insure Battle Force 2000's safety. When the Joes arrived, Cobra agents attacked them. When an argument between members turned into a fistfight, Blaster realized that Cobra was somehow using a certain signal to cause anger and out of control behavior in anyone who wasn't wearing ear protection like the Cobra soldiers and Blaster as well. The team knocked out the Terror-Dromes that were producing Cobra's "paranoia waves" and arrived just in time to save the Joes and help to defeat Cobra. Afterward, the team was assigned as an unofficial division of the G.I. Joe team.
Soon afterward, Battle Force 2000 fought with G.I. Joe in the Cobra Island civil war, in which the Joes fought on the side of Serpentor. Later, the team (except Maverick) was patrolling in New Jersey for Dreadnoks along with Joe team member Mutt. Mutt was looking for after the Dreadnoks had nearly killed his dog, Junkyard. In the ensuing fight the Dreadnoks escaped and all the Joes involved were arrested by local police. They were eventually released after proving that they were under orders from the Army. Another member, Dee-Jay was later added to the team.

Battle Force 2000 was involved in the Battle of Benzheen against Cobra, along with almost the entire G.I. Joe team. While they were maneuvering near huge oil storage tanks, the oil was ignited by enemy fire. The explosion that followed took the lives of every member of Battle Force 2000 but Dodger. The team's deceased members and the other G.I. Joe casualties were given heroes' funerals at Arlington National Cemetary.

An image for Avalanche (G.I .Joe) exists Avalanche (G.I .Joe)
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An image for Dee-Jay (G.I. Joe) exists Dee-Jay (G.I. Joe)
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G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero (1982)

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