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    Galactic Republic (Old)
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This was the form of government across the known Star Wars galaxy for the thousand years prior to the declaration of the First Galactic Empire.

Apparently a parliamentary form of democracy, it collapsed because of popular and legislative demands for reform. In its latter days, it had become bloated by its own bureaucracy to the point that its takeover by a secretly anti-democratic, but seemingly "strong", Chancellor a gradual but certain reality.

Nee Alavar
An image for Stass Allie exists Stass Allie
An image for Alpha (Star Wars) exists Alpha (Star Wars)
An image for Mas Amedda exists Mas Amedda
An image for Padmé Amidala (-Skywalker) exists Padmé Amidala (-Skywalker)
An image for Sagoro Autem exists Sagoro Autem
An image for Vodo-Siosk Baas exists Vodo-Siosk Baas
Soon Bayts
An image for Garm Bel Iblis exists Garm Bel Iblis
An image for Depa Billaba exists Depa Billaba
An image for Jar-Jar Binks exists Jar-Jar Binks
An image for BL-1707 exists BL-1707
Niebur Boton
An image for Empatojayos Brand exists Empatojayos Brand
An image for Senator Braxis exists Senator Braxis
Bana Breemu
An image for Sora Bulq exists Sora Bulq
An image for C-3P0 exists C-3P0
Tanner Cadaman
Captain Rex
Captain Styles
An image for Chewbacca exists Chewbacca
An image for Tsui Choi exists Tsui Choi
Commander Cody
An image for Commander Bly exists Commander Bly
An image for Commander Faie exists Commander Faie
Commander Grey
Commander Vill
Sweitt Concorkill
An image for Roron Corobb exists Roron Corobb
An image for Corporal Big-Mouth exists Corporal Big-Mouth
T'chooka D'oon
Giddean Danu
Tundra Dowmeia
Ivor Drake
Cin Drallig
Chi Eekway
An image for Ekria exists Ekria
An image for Borsk Fey'lya exists Borsk Fey'lya
Theen Fida
An image for Kit Fisto exists Kit Fisto
An image for Adi Gallia exists Adi Gallia
An image for Sha'a Gi exists Sha'a Gi
An image for Micah Giiett exists Micah Giiett
King Grakchawwaa
Jheramahd Greyshade
Simon Greyshade
An image for Nute Gunray exists Nute Gunray
An image for A'Sharad Hett exists A'Sharad Hett
An image for Sharad Hett exists Sharad Hett
An image for San Hill exists San Hill
An image for Kai Hudorra exists Kai Hudorra
An image for Dass Jennir exists Dass Jennir
An image for Qui-Gon Jinn exists Qui-Gon Jinn
Zett Jukassa (born Warpoc Skamini)
An image for Kai Justiss exists Kai Justiss
An image for Reess Kairn exists Reess Kairn
An image for Admiral Saul Karath exists Admiral Saul Karath
An image for Obi-Wan Kenobi exists Obi-Wan Kenobi
An image for Ki-Adi-Mundi exists Ki-Adi-Mundi
An image for Agen Kolar exists Agen Kolar
An image for Plo Koon exists Plo Koon
An image for Rahm Kota exists Rahm Kota
An image for Eeth Koth exists Eeth Koth
Flynn Kybo
An image for Drake Lo'Gaan exists Drake Lo'Gaan
An image for Lord Hoth exists Lord Hoth
Whie Malreaux
An image for Callista Ming exists Callista Ming
An image for Voolvif Monn exists Voolvif Monn
Sly Moore
An image for Dallan Morvis exists Dallan Morvis
An image for Mon Mothma exists Mon Mothma
An image for Foul Moudama exists Foul Moudama
Noirah Na
Rugor Nass
Jocasta Nu
An image for Po Nudo exists Po Nudo
An image for Darca Nyl exists Darca Nyl
An image for Barriss Offee exists Barriss Offee
An image for Carth Onasi exists Carth Onasi
An image for Bail Organa exists Bail Organa
Johun Othone
Padawan (Nautolan)
Padawan (Zabrak)
An image for Lanu Pasiq exists Lanu Pasiq
An image for Sate Pestage exists Sate Pestage
An image for Even Piell exists Even Piell
Yarael Poof
An image for Sarcev Quest exists Sarcev Quest
An image for R2-D2 exists R2-D2
An image for R4-P17 exists R4-P17
Qu Rahn
Sartochi Ramora
An image for Oppo Rancisis exists Oppo Rancisis
An image for Shon Kon Ray exists Shon Kon Ray
An image for Commander Rootrock exists Commander Rootrock
An image for T'ra Saa exists T'ra Saa
An image for Shea Sadashassa exists Shea Sadashassa
An image for Aayla Secura exists Aayla Secura
Sergeant Soot
An image for Sifo-Dyas exists Sifo-Dyas
Master Simms
An image for Anakin Skywalker exists Anakin Skywalker
An image for Squint exists Squint
An image for Stance exists Stance
An image for Nomi Sunrider exists Nomi Sunrider
Bultar Swan
Terr Taneel
An image for Wilhuff Tarkin exists Wilhuff Tarkin
An image for Tholme exists Tholme
An image for Shaak Ti exists Shaak Ti
An image for Saesee Tiin exists Saesee Tiin
Meena Tills
An image for Tremayne exists Tremayne
An image for Lilit Twoseas exists Lilit Twoseas
An image for Luminara Unduli exists Luminara Unduli
An image for Halagad Ventor exists Halagad Ventor
An image for Vima-Da-Boda exists Vima-Da-Boda
An image for Quinlan Vos exists Quinlan Vos
Waxer (Star Wars)
An image for Mace Windu exists Mace Windu
An image for Dame Winter (Star Wars) exists Dame Winter (Star Wars)
An image for Yaddle exists Yaddle
An image for Yoda exists Yoda
An image for Fang Zar exists Fang Zar
An image for Zonder exists Zonder

= Image available

Kanan (2015)
Kanan - The Last Padawan (2015)
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (2006)
Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi - The Sith War (1995)
Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008)

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