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Last 10 titles added:
  1. Die lebende Tote (2019)
  2. Voltron (2019)
  3. Apparat - Simon Spector ...
  4. Calm Breaker-¡Llega...
  5. Renjoh Desperado (2019)
  6. Reiche der Phantasie (20...
  7. Ragna Crimson (2019)
  8. Kultgeschichten (2019)
  9. Der Krieg der Knirpse (2...
  10. Kamo - Pakt mit der Geis...
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Last 10 creators added:
  1. Daiki Kobayashi - '小林大樹'
  2. Sonja Lehmann
  3. David François
  4. Vincent Lemaire - 'Hardoc'
  5. Ban Zarbo
  6. Jing Zhang - '张晶'
  7. Shinya Komi - '古味慎也'
  8. HiRock
  9. Marcos Morán
  10. A&J Torres
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Last 10 characters added:
  1. Ozawa, Osama
  2. Ransom, Ren
  3. Chiang, Jessa
  4. Ransom, Radka
  5. Soul Man (Marvel)
  6. Hunter (Atari Force)
  7. Magenta (Eurotica)
  8. Krush (Marvel)(02 - crim...
  9. Krush (Marvel)(01 - Inhu...
  10. Kyle (Marvel)
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    public domain characters
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Primarily Golden Age comic book characters known to be in the public domain, enabling any creator to make use of them.

NOTE: The original, mainly Golden Age, versions of the characters are public domain, not different creators' variations since, i.e. Malibu's Protectors versions, Alan Moore's Terra Obscura versions, or Alex Ross' Project Superpowers versions.

13 (Lev Gleason)
Ace (Fox Features)
An image for Airboy (01 - Hillman Comics) exists Airboy (01 - Hillman Comics)
An image for Airman (Centaur) exists Airman (Centaur)
An image for Amazing Man (Centaur) exists Amazing Man (Centaur)
An image for American Crusader (Nedor) exists American Crusader (Nedor)
An image for American Eagle (Nedor) exists American Eagle (Nedor)
Jane Arden
An image for The Arrow exists The Arrow
An image for Atoman (Spark Comics) exists Atoman (Spark Comics)
Atomic Man (Classic Pub)
Atomic Tot
An image for The Avenger (Roger Wright) exists The Avenger (Roger Wright)
Ayesha (Fox Features)
An image for Banshee (Fox Feature Syndicate) exists Banshee (Fox Feature Syndicate)
Bobby Benson (B-Bar-B Riders)
An image for Billy West exists Billy West
An image for Black Bat (Nedor) exists Black Bat (Nedor)
Black Bull (Prize)
An image for The Black Fury exists The Black Fury
Black Knight (Maple Leaf)
The Black Mandarin (Fawcett)
The Black Mikado (Fawcett)
An image for Black Owl (01 - Doug Danville) exists Black Owl (01 - Doug Danville)
Black Owl (02 - Walt Walters)
An image for Black Phantom (Magazine Enterprises) exists Black Phantom (Magazine Enterprises)
Black Puma (Ace)
An image for Black Satan exists Black Satan
Black Shark (Quality)
Black Snake (Fox)
An image for The Black Terror exists The Black Terror
An image for Black Venus exists Black Venus
An image for Black Witch (MLJ) exists Black Witch (MLJ)
An image for Blue Lady (Centaur) exists Blue Lady (Centaur)
The Blue Spark (Ace)
Blue Streak (Holyoke)
An image for Blue Streak (Prize) exists Blue Streak (Prize)
An image for Bomber Burns (Hillman) exists Bomber Burns (Hillman)
An image for Boy King exists Boy King
Bronze Man (Fox)
An image for Bronze Terror (Lev Gleason) exists Bronze Terror (Lev Gleason)
Buddy (Fox)
Captain Apocalypse-Puncher
An image for Captain Battle exists Captain Battle
Captain Battle Jr.
Captain Comet (Toby)
Captain Commando (MLJ)
An image for Captain Courageous (Ace) exists Captain Courageous (Ace)
An image for Captain Flash (Sterling) exists Captain Flash (Sterling)
Captain Freedom (Harvey)
An image for Captain Future exists Captain Future
Captain Heroic (Prize)
An image for Captain Kidd (Airman) exists Captain Kidd (Airman)
Captain Murder (MLJ)
Captain Red Cross (Harvey)
Captain Wonder (Bell Features)
Cat Man (Centaur)
An image for Cat-Man (Holyoke) exists Cat-Man (Holyoke)
An image for Cavalier (Nedor) exists Cavalier (Nedor)
An image for Cave Girl exists Cave Girl
Chief Skullface (Prize)
An image for The Claw (Gleason) exists The Claw (Gleason)
An image for The Clock exists The Clock
The Cobra (Quality)
The Cobra Queen (Lev Gleason)
An image for Comet (Archie)(01 - John Dickering) exists Comet (Archie)(01 - John Dickering)
Conqueror (Hillman)
The Corpse (Quality)
Corsair Queen (Quality)
Count Spectrum (Fawcett)
Buzz Crandall (Fiction House)
Nurse Betsy Crane (Charlton)
Creeper (MLJ)
An image for Crimebuster (Lev Gleason) exists Crimebuster (Lev Gleason)
The Crimson Claw (Quality)
Croco-Man (Prize)
The Cross-Draw Kid (Ace)
Crusader (Hillman)
The Crystal Queen (Quality)
Cyanide Cindy (Quality)
An image for Cyclone (Golden Age) exists Cyclone (Golden Age)
Cyclone (Quality)
An image for Daredevil (Lev Gleason) exists Daredevil (Lev Gleason)
Dark Angel (Fawcett)
An image for The Dart exists The Dart
An image for Davey (Ace Publications) exists Davey (Ace Publications)
An image for David (Fox) exists David (Fox)
Death Mask (Holyoke)
The Death's Head (Holyoke)
Destroying Demon (Quality)
An image for Doc Strange (America's Best Comics) exists Doc Strange (America's Best Comics)
An image for Doctor Nemesis (Marvel)(01 - James Bradley) exists Doctor Nemesis (Marvel)(01 - James Bradley)
An image for Doctor X (Better Comics) exists Doctor X (Better Comics)
An image for Domino Lady exists Domino Lady
An image for Doodle exists Doodle
Cynthia Doyle (Charlton)
An image for Dr. Darkness (Centaur) exists Dr. Darkness (Centaur)
Dr. Dracula (Lev Gleason)
An image for Dr. Frost exists Dr. Frost
An image for Dynamic Boy (Dynamic Publications) exists Dynamic Boy (Dynamic Publications)
An image for Dynamic Man (Dynamic Publications) exists Dynamic Man (Dynamic Publications)
An image for The Eagle (Fox) exists The Eagle (Fox)
An image for Eaglet exists Eaglet
An image for Electro Man (Hillman) exists Electro Man (Hillman)
An image for The Face exists The Face
An image for Fantom of the Fair (Fantoman) exists Fantom of the Fair (Fantoman)
An image for Fantomah (Fiction House) exists Fantomah (Fiction House)
An image for Fearless Flint (Flint Man) exists Fearless Flint (Flint Man)
An image for Ferret (Centaur/Malibu) exists Ferret (Centaur/Malibu)
An image for Fighting Yank (01 - Bruce Carter III) exists Fighting Yank (01 - Bruce Carter III)
An image for The Fire Bug (Harvey) exists The Fire Bug (Harvey)
An image for Firehair (Fiction House) exists Firehair (Fiction House)
Fireman (Centaur)
An image for The Flag exists The Flag
An image for The Flame (Fox) exists The Flame (Fox)
An image for Flame Girl (Fox) exists Flame Girl (Fox)
Flame Goddess (Avon)
An image for Flip Falcon exists Flip Falcon
An image for Frankenstein (Prize) exists Frankenstein (Prize)
An image for Futura (Fiction House) exists Futura (Fiction House)
G.I. Jane (Fiction House)
Gertie the Dinosaur
The Ghost (Fawcett)
The Ghost (Gleason)
The Ghost (Nedor)
An image for Giant (Public domain) exists Giant (Public domain)
An image for The Golden Knight exists The Golden Knight
An image for Golden Lad exists Golden Lad
An image for Gorgo (Charlton) exists Gorgo (Charlton)
The Grasshopper (Quality)
Great Defender (Quality)
The Great One (Centaur)
Great Question (Centaur)
An image for Green Giant exists Green Giant
An image for Green Lama (01 - Jethro Dumont) exists Green Lama (01 - Jethro Dumont)
Green Lizard (Quality)
An image for Green Mask exists Green Mask
The Green Mummy (Prize)
The Grenade (Four Star)
An image for Grim Reaper (Nedor) exists Grim Reaper (Nedor)
An image for The Heap (01 - Hillman Comics) exists The Heap (01 - Hillman Comics)
Hood (Centaur)
An image for The Hood (Holyoke) exists The Hood (Holyoke)
An image for The Hooded Horseman (ACG) exists The Hooded Horseman (ACG)
The Hooded Terror (Fox)
An image for Human Meteor (Marvel) exists Human Meteor (Marvel)
The Huntress (Quality)
An image for Hydroman (Hydro) exists Hydroman (Hydro)
Hyena (MLJ)
Icicle (Ace)
Inferno (Archie)
An image for Iron Jaw (Public Domain) exists Iron Jaw (Public Domain)
Iron Skull (Centaur)
Jester I (Quality)
Jester II (Quality)
Jet Powers
An image for Judy of the Jungle exists Judy of the Jungle
An image for Kid Terror exists Kid Terror
An image for Kitten (Hydro) exists Kitten (Hydro)
An image for Konga (Charlton) exists Konga (Charlton)
Barry Kuda
Lady Doom (Magazine Enterprises)
An image for Lady Satan exists Lady Satan
An image for Lady Serpent (Nedor) exists Lady Serpent (Nedor)
The Laughing Skull (Fawcett)
An image for The Liberator exists The Liberator
Madam Satan (Archie)
Madame Serpina (Quality)
Madame Strange (Great Comics)
Madame Terror (Fiction)
The Magnet
Major Victory (Golden Age)
An image for Man O'Metal exists Man O'Metal
An image for Man of War exists Man of War
An image for Marvelo exists Marvelo
An image for Masked Marvel (Centaur) exists Masked Marvel (Centaur)
Mars Mason (Harvey)
Master Man (Quality)
Master Mystic
Big Red McLane
An image for Mighty Man (Centaur Publications) exists Mighty Man (Centaur Publications)
An image for Mike (ABC) (01 - Doc Strange sidekick) exists Mike (ABC) (01 - Doc Strange sidekick)
An image for Miss Masque exists Miss Masque
An image for Miss Victory (01 - 40's) exists Miss Victory (01 - 40's)
An image for Moon Girl (EC Comics) exists Moon Girl (EC Comics)
An image for Mr. Monster (Golden Age) exists Mr. Monster (Golden Age)
An image for Mystico exists Mystico
An image for Octobriana exists Octobriana
An image for The Owl (Dell) exists The Owl (Dell)
Ozmar the Mystic
An image for Pat Patriot (Lev Gleason) exists Pat Patriot (Lev Gleason)
An image for Phantasmo (Dell) exists Phantasmo (Dell)
Hercule Poirot
Power Nelson
An image for Princess Pantha exists Princess Pantha
An image for Professor Fiend exists Professor Fiend
An image for Purple Claw (Minoan/Toby) exists Purple Claw (Minoan/Toby)
An image for Pyroman exists Pyroman
An image for Rainbow Boy exists Rainbow Boy
An image for The Raven exists The Raven
Rosemary Redgrave
An image for Reptisaurus (Charlton) exists Reptisaurus (Charlton)
An image for Rocketman exists Rocketman
An image for Rulah (Fox Feature) exists Rulah (Fox Feature)
An image for Samson (Fox) exists Samson (Fox)
An image for Santa Claus (general) exists Santa Claus (general)
An image for Scarab (Nedor) exists Scarab (Nedor)
Shark (Centaur)
An image for Silver Streak (Public Domain) exists Silver Streak (Public Domain)
Sirius the Star Dog
An image for Skyman (Golden Age) exists Skyman (Golden Age)
Skywolf (01 - Hillman Comics)
An image for Space Smith exists Space Smith
An image for Sparkman (United Features) exists Sparkman (United Features)
An image for Speedy Hopper exists Speedy Hopper
An image for Spider Queen (Marvel) exists Spider Queen (Marvel)
An image for Stardust (Fox) exists Stardust (Fox)
An image for Strongman (Holyoke/Marvel (03)) exists Strongman (Holyoke/Marvel (03))
An image for Sub Saunders exists Sub Saunders
Sunspot (Fox)
An image for The Super-American exists The Super-American
Super-Ann (Centaur)
The Sword (Ace Publications)
An image for The Target exists The Target
An image for Targeteer (Dave) exists Targeteer (Dave)
An image for Targeteer (Tommy) exists Targeteer (Tommy)
Thrilla (Quality)
An image for The Twister (Novelty) exists The Twister (Novelty)
An image for U.S. Jones exists U.S. Jones
The Unknown Soldier (Ace Publications)
An image for V-Man (Fox Feature) exists V-Man (Fox Feature)
An image for Valkyrie (Airboy)(01 - Liselotte von Schellendorf) exists Valkyrie (Airboy)(01 - Liselotte von Schellendorf)
Veiled Avenger
An image for Volton (Marvel) exists Volton (Marvel)
An image for Vulcan (Ace Publications) exists Vulcan (Ace Publications)
An image for The Woman in Red exists The Woman in Red
An image for Wonder Man (Fox) exists Wonder Man (Fox)
An image for Wonderman (Nedor) exists Wonderman (Nedor)
An image for Yank exists Yank
Yank Wilson
An image for Yankee Boy (Dynamic) exists Yankee Boy (Dynamic)
Yankee Girl (Four Star)
The Yellow Fang (Holyoke)
An image for Yellowjacket (Public Domain) exists Yellowjacket (Public Domain)
An image for Zaza the Mystic (Charlton) exists Zaza the Mystic (Charlton)

= Image available

The Mammoth Book of Best Horror Comics (2008)

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