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The Gibborim are a group of six-fingered giants who have the goal of wiping the Earth clean of humanity.

To obtain their goal the Gibborim enlisted six couples in the Los Angeles area to carry out their plans. These twelve individuals formed the core of a secret criminal organization known as The Pride.

Annually the Pride would get together and ritually murder a young girl in what they referred to as "The Rite of Blood." The victim's soul would then be fed to the Gibborim in "The Rite of Thunder." These ceremonies were to be performed every year. Eventually, the result was to be the annihilation of humanity with the Gibborim promising six surviving positions to those among the Pride who served them best.

Seventeen years in, the Rite of Thunder was interrupted by the children of the Pride. In response, the Gibborim presumably killed all the members of the Pride. Alex Wilder, the only individual amongst the children to side with the Pride, was killed as well.

Following the destruction of The Pride's undersea lair, The Gibborim sought refuge in a limbo-type dimension, where a time-displaced Geoffrey Wilder contacted them upon being placed in present day. Later, Chase Stein would contact them, striking a deal to raise his late girlfriend, Gertrude Yorkes, from the dead in exchange for an innocent soul. Chase attempted to offer himself, but ultimately failed, since the soul had to be unwilling. The Giborrim had been counting on Chase to feed them, and since they were without souls to nourish them, they faded away to a dimension of nothingness, merely white space, and are confronted by Alex Wilder, in a white leisure suit.


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