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Profile: The Goth were a trio of super-powered individuals who were led by a man who was also called the Goth. They were part of a major slave trade operation that spanned across alternate dimensions. They would use a transmat portal to teleport to different locations and dimensions from their base, which was a hollowed-out mountain in Northwest China. Partnered with the Crimson Pirates, the Goth captured various members of the X-Men and used them to capture other people to be sold as slaves. The X-Men then escaped, defeating the Goth and the Crimson Pirates and ending their slave trade operation.

History: The Goth first showed up on their motorbikes heading towards the bar known as Harry’s Hideaway in Salem Center, New York. There the Goth put the people in Harry’s Hideaway, including the X-Man Colossus, under their control. When Archangel, Psylocke and Thunderbird arrived to meet with Colossus the Goth defeated them quickly. The Goth then teleported them, the people at Harry’s Hidaway, and the town’s population to their base in Northwest China.

At their base the Goth watched over the X-Men they captured along with those caught by the Crimson Pirates. The captured X-Men, led by Gambit, overpowered the Goth and tried to escape. Then X-Men then encountered the Goth’s leader, who was also called the Goth. Gambit then made a deal with the Goth and formed an alliance with them.

The Goth member Beldame teamed up with the Crimson Pirates and the X-Men to round up new slaves at Hightown, Madripoor. At Madripoor the other group of X-Men arrived and tried to stop them. Beldame, the Pirates and their X-Men were able to defeat and capture them as well. Arriving back to the hollow mountain in China, the Goth’s leader betrayed Gambit and planned to keep the X-Men. The Beast was then able to deactivate their slave collars and the X-Men fought both the Goth and the Crimson Pirates. Psylocke destroyed the slave traders’ transmat portal, and Rogue killed the Goth’s leader when she threw a kinetically charged card at his energy-overloaded body.

The Goth were taken into custody after this event. Their current whereabouts are unknown.

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Uncanny X-Men (1963)
X-Men (1991)

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