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    Galactic Republic (New)
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Essentially the re-establishment of the Old Republic, under more-or-less the same legal constitution it had enjoyed in the time just prior to the Clone Wars. Characteristic of this New Republic was, like its predecessor, a very strong Senate and a new Jedi Order acting as protectors of the State.

Hairs can be split over the exact date which the New Republic was formed. Some might argue that it was at the moment of Palpatine's death on the Second Death Star. Others would claim there was a period of 2 or 3 years following the Battle of Endor in which there was no power clearly in charge of a majority of the Galaxy. Rather like how the United States existed for a period of 8 years before the Constitution took effect, there was initially a more provisional successor government (or governments) to the First Galactic Empire. The one most proximate to the "official" founding of the New Republic was called "The Alliance of Free Planets".

However, the part of the Expanded Universe that covers this period of time was almost completely written before The Phantom Menace was released. It therefore posits a more complicated end of the Empire than Return of the Jedi (and, indeed, the prequel trilogy) would suggest on face value. So it's rather up to the reader to decide what they wish to believe about the immediate post-Endor years.

A more recent part of the New Republic era, by contrast, concerns its end. In 1999, the same year of The Phantom Menace's release, a new series of books was launched called The New Jedi Order. This series suggested that the New Republic had reorganized itself into the Galactic Alliance, about 24 years after the Battle of Endor. The principle difference between the GFFA and the New Republic was a strengthening of the division between the three major branches of government, and a general increase of the power of the executive versus the legislative. Another way to look at this is that if the New Republic was the continuation of the Old Republic, the Galactic Alliance finally cured some of the legal problems that made the Old Republic fail, without going to the extreme solution of Imperial rule.

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Baron Soontir Fel
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Corran Horn
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An image for Mirax ( Mirax ("Myra") Terrik
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Star Wars Galaxy Magazine (1994)

Star Wars: 30th Anniversary Collection (2007)
Star Wars: Union (1999)
Star Wars: X-Wing Rogue Squadron (1995)

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