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Star Wars: X-Wing Rogue Squadron   (1995)
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Publisher: Dark Horse Comics Inc.

Publication Date: July 1995 - November 1998

Country: United States

Language: English

This series focuses on the Rogues exclusively after the Battle of Endor (with the exception of #1/2), and is tightly integrated with the Stackpole novel series of the same name. Indeed, through a clever use of a very focused part of the timeline--the whole run seems to happen in or about the year 5 ABY--all 35 issues serve as a kind of "prequel" to the novels.

Almost the entire run was collected by individual story. Oddly, though, the first story, "The Rebel Opposition", was never traded on its own, and only made its first appearance in collected form in May 2006. The trade series, Star Wars Omnibus, collected Rogue Squadron again--this time with about three storylines per book--for a whole new generation of fans.

The title has the distinction of being Dark Horse's first attempt at an ongoing Star Wars comic--even though it still kinda feels like a "series of miniseries", as they had done previously with their Star Wars license. Indeed, if you go by strict cover numbering, the first 20 issues are actually five separate 4-issue miniseries. Although they aren't numbered on the cover as an ongoing series, they do have such a marking in the indicia. It isn't until issue #21 that the indicia numbering is reflected on the cover of the issues. The database, as a result, uses the indicia numbering for consistency.

Number of issues cataloged: 52

Number of users with this title in their pull list: 3

Issue   Title   Story Arc   Cover Date
  Mandatory Retirement, Part Four
  Mandatory Retirement
  November 1998
  Mandatory Retirement, Part Three
  Mandatory Retirement
  September 1998
  Mandatory Retirement, Part Two
  Mandatory Retirement
  August 1998
  Mandatory Retirement, Part One
  Mandatory Retirement
  July 1998
  Masquerade, Part Four
  Masquerade (Star Wars)
  June 1998
  Masquerade, Part Three
  Masquerade (Star Wars)
  May 1998
  Masquerade, Part Two
  Masquerade (Star Wars)
  April 1998
  Masquerade, Part One
  Masquerade (Star Wars)
  March 1998
  Family Ties, Part Two
  Family Ties (Star Wars)
  February 1998
  Family Ties, Part One
  Family Ties (Star Wars)
  January 1998
  The Making of Baron Fel
  December 1997
  In the Empire's Service, Part Four
  In the Empire's Service
  November 1997
  In the Empire's Service, Part Three
  In the Empire's Service
  October 1997
  In the Empire's Service, Part Two
  In the Empire's Service
  September 1997
  In the Empire's Service, Part One
  In the Empire's Service
  August 1997
  Requiem for a Rogue, Part Four
  Requiem for a Rogue
  June 1997
  Requiem for a Rogue, Part Three
  Requiem for a Rogue
  May 1997
  Requiem for a Rogue, Part Two
  Requiem for a Rogue
  April 1997
  Requiem for a Rogue, Part One
  Requiem for a Rogue
  March 1997
  The Warrior Princess, Part Four
  The Warrior Princess
  February 1997
  The Warrior Princess, Part Three
  The Warrior Princess
  January 1997
  The Warrior Princess, Part Two
  The Warrior Princess
  December 1996
  The Warrior Princess, Part One
  The Warrior Princess
  October 1996
  Battleground: Tatooine, Part Four
  Battleground: Tatooine
  September 1996
  Battleground: Tatooine, Part Three
  Battleground: Tatooine
  August 1996
  Battleground: Tatooine, Part Two
  Battleground: Tatooine
  July 1996
  Battleground: Tatooine, Part One
  Battleground: Tatooine
  July 1996
  The Phantom Affair, Part Four
  The Phantom Affair
  June 1996
  The Phantom Affair, Part Three
  The Phantom Affair
  April 1996
  The Phantom Affair, Part Two
  The Phantom Affair
  March 1996
  The Phantom Affair, Part One
  The Phantom Affair
  February 1996
  The Rebel Opposition, Part Four
  The Rebel Opposition
  October 1995
  The Rebel Opposition, Part Three
  The Rebel Opposition
  September 1995
  The Rebel Opposition, Part Two
  The Rebel Opposition
  August 1995
  The Rebel Opposition, Part One
  The Rebel Opposition
  July 1995
TPB vol. 08
  Mandatory Retirement
  Mandatory Retirement
  December 2000
TPB vol. 07
  Masquerade (Star Wars)
  June 2000
TPB vol. 06
  Blood and Honor
  Family Ties (Star Wars)
  August 4 1999
TPB vol. 05
  In the Empire's Service
  In the Empire's Service
  May 1999
TPB vol. 04
  Requiem for a Rogue
  Requiem for a Rogue
  February 1999
TPB vol. 03
  The Warrior Princess
  The Warrior Princess
  November 1998
TPB vol. 02
  Battleground: Tatooine
  Battleground: Tatooine
  April 1998
TPB vol. 01
  The Phantom Affair
  The Phantom Affair
  November 1997
Apple Jacks Special Bonus
  August 1996

  February 1997

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