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The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition   (1985)
Search for 'The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition' on eBay

Publisher: Marvel

Publication Date: August 1985 - November 1988

Country: United States

Language: English

A 20-issue series, updating the original into a Deluxe Edition (OHOTMUDE for short). The last five issues of this series were the 'Book of the Dead', cataloging characters that were believed dead at the time; the technical drawings from the original series' supplemental 'Book of Weapons' were reproduced and updated in the relevant characters' main entries or, in a few cases, receiving their own entries.

Number of issues cataloged: 40

Issue   Title   Story Arc   Cover Date
TPB vol. 09
  Book of the Dead: Dorma to Patriot
  November 1993
TPB vol. 10
  Book of the Dead: Phantom Eagle to Zuras
  November 1992
TPB vol. 07
  Stingray to Wendigo
  November 1992
TPB vol. 08
  Werewolf to Zzzax; Book of the Dead: Air-Walker to Dorcus, D...
  October 1992
TPB vol. 06
  Radioactive Man to Stiltman
  October 1992
TPB vol. 05
  Mister Fear to Quicksilver
  February 1992
TPB vol. 04
  Karkas to Mister Fantastic
  October 1991
TPB vol. 03
  Galactus to Kang
  October 1991
TPB vol. 02
  Clea to Gaea
  November 1990
TPB vol. 01
  Abomination to Circus of Crime
  September 1990
  Book of the Dead (Stick to Zuras)
  February 1988
  Book of the Dead (Nuke to Obadiah Stane)
  December 1987
  Book of the Dead (Hyperion to Nighthawk)
  October 1987
  Book of the Dead (Destiny to Hobgoblin)
  August 1987
  Book of the Dead (Air-Walker to Death-Stalker)
  June 1987
  Wonder Man to Zzzax (plus Appendix to Alien Races)
  March 1987
  Unicorn to Wolverine
  January 1987
  Super-Adaptoid to Umar
  December 1986
  Sif to Sunspot
  November 1986
  Richard Rider to Sidewinder
  October 1986
  Paladin to The Rhino
  September 1986
  Molecule Man to Owl
  August 1986
  Magus to Mole Man
  July 1986
  Khoryphos to Magneto
  June 1986
  Human Torch to Ka-Zar
  May 1986
  Gardener to the Hulk
  April 1986
  Doctor Strange to Galactus
  March 1986
  Cloak to Doctor Octopus
  February 1986
  Beast to Clea
  January 1986
  Abomination to Batroc's Brigade
  August 1985

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