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Star Wars Omnibus   (2006)
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Publisher: Dark Horse Books (Dark Horse Comics Inc.)

Publication Date: May 2006 - May 2014

Country: United States

Language: English

A new series of "über TPBs" which promises, eventually, to collect most of Dark Horse's Star Wars catalog that has long been out of print, and mix it in with some new material to give readers easy access to an entire continuity "slice" of the Star Wars universe. Planned volumes include X-WIng Rogue Squadron and the whole of the Tales of the Jedi run, among others.

Note that any issue within the line will likely have two issue numbers. One is its "on-the-spine" or "absolute" issue number. This refers to its placement within the Omnibus series. The other is its volume number within a subtitle. Thus, the first issue is Omnibus #1 and X-Wing Rogue Squadron, volume #1.

Number of issues cataloged: 35

Number of users with this title in their pull list: 1

Issue   Title   Story Arc   Cover Date
Omnibus TPB vol. 35
  Dark Times Volume 2
  May 2014
Omnibus TPB vol. 34
  Knights of the Old Republic Volume 3
  April 2014
Omnibus TPB vol. 33
  January 2014
Omnibus TPB vol. 32
  Knights of the Old Republic Volume 2
  January 2014
Omnibus TPB vol. 31
  Dark Times Volume 1
  December 2013
Omnibus TPB vol. 30
  Wild Space Volume 2
  October 2013
Omnibus TPB vol. 29
  Knights of the Old Republic Volume 1
  August 2013
Omnibus TPB vol. 28
  Wild Space Volume 1
  May 2013
Omnibus TPB vol. 27
  February 2013
Omnibus TPB vol. 26
  Clone Wars Volume 3 - The Republic Falls
  December 2012
Omnibus TPB vol. 25
  Clone Wars Volume 2 - The Enemy On All Sides
  October 2012
Omnibus TPB vol. 24
  Clone Wars Volume 1 - The Republic Goes to War
  August 2012
Omnibus TPB vol. 23
  Droids and Ewoks
  June 2012
Omnibus TPB vol. 22
  The Other Sons of Tatooine
  April 2012
Omnibus TPB vol. 21
  A Long Time Ago.... Volume 5
  February 2012
Omnibus TPB vol. 20
  At War With the Empire Volume 2
  December 2011
Omnibus TPB vol. 19
  The Complete Saga - Episodes I Through VI
  The Empire Strikes Back
  October 2011
        Return of the Jedi
Omnibus TPB vol. 18
  A Long Time Ago.... Volume 4
  August 2011
Omnibus TPB vol. 17
  At War With the Empire Volume 1
  April 2011
Omnibus TPB vol. 16
  A Long Time Ago.... Volume 3
  January 2011
Omnibus TPB vol. 15
  Quinlan Vos: Jedi in Darkness
  The Devaronian Version
  December 2010
        The Stark Hyperspace War
        Infinity's End
        Twilight (Star Wars)
        Rite of Passage (Star War...
Omnibus TPB vol. 14
  A Long Time Ago.... Volume 2
  October 2010
Omnibus TPB vol. 13
  A Long Time Ago.... Volume 1
  June 2010
Omnibus TPB vol. 12
  Boba Fett
  April 2010
Omnibus TPB vol. 11
  Shadows of the Empire
  January 2010
Omnibus TPB vol. 10
  Menace Revealed
  The Hunt for Aurra Sing
  July 2009
        Poison Moon
Omnibus TPB vol. 09
  Emissaries & Assassins
  April 2009
        Emissaries to Malastare
Omnibus TPB vol. 08
  Rise of the Sith
  Vow of Justice
  January 2009
        Prelude to Rebellion
        Acts of War
Omnibus TPB vol. 07
  Early Victories
  October 2008
Omnibus TPB vol. 06
  June 2008
Omnibus TPB vol. 05
  Tales of the Jedi Volume 2
  April 2008
Omnibus TPB vol. 04
  Tales of the Jedi Volume 1
  October 2007
Omnibus TPB vol. 03
  X-Wing Rogue Squadron Volume 3
  Mandatory Retirement
  July 2007
        Masquerade (Star Wars)
        In the Empire's Service
Omnibus TPB vol. 02
  X-Wing Rogue Squadron Volume 2
  Requiem for a Rogue
  October 2006
        Battleground: Tatooine
        The Warrior Princess
Omnibus TPB vol. 01
  X-Wing Rogue Squadron Volume 1
  The Rebel Opposition
  May 25 2006
        The Phantom Affair

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