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Red Cloud   (2012)
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Publisher: PLB Comics

Publication Date: July 2012 - December 2012

Country: United States

Language: English

The Red Cloud title introduces us to Jake Red Cloud several years before the film. Jake Red Cloud was born in Pine Ridge, South Dakota, to a Quechua father and a Lakota mother. Jake's father took on the Red Cloud name as a translation from his Quechua name and in honor of his wife's family and their great warrior traditions. Jake was brought up in an isolated and rural part of the reservation. They had very little money even for the necessities. Growing up on the reservation the conditions were substandard, and only the strong survived. On the reservation there was much buried ordnance and hazardous materials from closed US nuclear bomb ranges on the reservation. Being constantly exposed to these materials residents either became very sick, showed high levels of cancers, or showed genetic mutations which were difficult to explain. Jake early on showed an amazing resiliency to physical harm along with a sixth sense about events before they would occur. When Jake reached age he entered into the US Army where he served for several years in an Airborne Ranger unit before qualifying for Special Forces selection. After doing several tours as a Delta Force operator he decided to retire so he could go back to the reservation and help take care of his parents there. While at the reservation he met Sandy, whom he married and had a child with, Sarah. They became his life, and wanting to give them the best he sought out jobs which would allow him to do so, but living on the reservation he could not find anything except in the big cities many hundreds of miles away. One day, an old friend from the military called Jake and asked him if he would be interested in doing some contract work for a non-profit organization that aimed to stop child trafficking but required men with skills like theirs to get in, get the job done, and get out without leaving any traces. The pay was good, the assignments similar to some of their other missions in Special Forces, the aim was noble, and they had funding and some technologies on loan from private benefactors. What he loved most about the flexible nature of his work was the ability to spend time with his family. This continued for several years, they were able to build their own little house, take care of their families, and have the best of both worlds on the reservation. This is where we meet the Native American super hero Jake Red Cloud in Issue #1 of Red Cloud Origins - Jake is assigned to go deep into the Malaysian jungle to kill a child trafficking kingpin by the name of Masayuki Tanaka. The compound is heavily fortified and protected by corrupt Malaysian military units. Jake makes his way into the compound which is an illicit surgical harvest location for fresh new organs from the children to international recipients, a location to get the children hooked on drugs and shipped off to other countries to be used as sexual slaves, as well as a heroine processing plant. Jake manages to kill Masayuki Tanaka, free the children, and make contact with Woman Face who manages to get away and report back to Boss Toshiro Tanaka about his son's demise.

Number of issues cataloged: 0

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