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Doctor Who Graphic Novel   (2004)
Search for 'Doctor Who Graphic Novel' on eBay

Publisher: Panini UK

Publication Date: April 2004 - Ongoing

Country: United States

Language: English

The Doctor Who Graphic Novel series is the latest in a long tradition of recycling old Marvel Doctor Who work. The difference is that it's never, ever been done better. All issues are on glossy paper and use the original pencil work to form the basis of a completely digital restoration. Also, the stories are reprinted in their original color format: glorious monochrome for the first five issues, full color for the last two. In the case of the monochromatic work, this represents a fidelity to the original that wasn't true of some earlier, colorized reprints.

How should they be numbered?
These works are definitely part of a numbered series. As of late 2006, there were 6 books in the series, and they are numbered in two different ways. On the cover, they are effectively numbered by the Doctor appearing on the cover. They have so far been released in chronological order according to the Doctor pictured on the front. Hence, the Fourth Doctor's volumes were released before the Fifth, and his before the Eighth. The Eighth Doctor's volumes have been additionally cover-numbered by volume, hence, "The Eighth Doctor, volume 1", "The Eigth Doctor, volume 2", and so on.

According to the indicia, however, they are definitively numbered according to system we've employed below. Iron Legion is Graphic Novel #1, Oblivion is Graphic Novel #6.

What should these things be called?
Likewise the official indicia name is Doctor Who Graphic Novel. In early 2007, we changed the name of the series to match the indicia name. However, it should be pointed out that many fans think of this as the "Doctor Who Restorations", owing to the publicity surrounding the release of this series. On the frontispiece, the series is known as Collected Comics From the Pages of Doctor Who Magazine. Of the three names, the indicia name is probably the least appropriate, given the content. These simply aren't graphic novels as the term is used in the American comics industry. They're trade paperbacks. But, hey, Doctor Who is a British phenomenon, so if they want to call this a series of graphic novels, who are we to argue?

What's the publishing history of these stories?
Doctor Who comics have been reprinted in a number of different places throughout the years. For some stories there are multiple printings in Doctor Who Magazine itself, appearances in the American Doctor Who comic book, and Doctor Who Classic Comics just to name three.

Given the number of stories in each issue, and the number of separate issues in which those stories have ever appeared, the standard reprint listing technique employed on this site would quickly add no less than 50 issues for each one of these graphic novels. To keep things manageable, we have for now elected to use story arcs to identify all Doctor Who stories. When you're ready to figure out where, for instance, "The Iron Legion" came from, and where else it was reprinted, just click on the story arc name to begin your journey.

Just remember: the parent magazine for all these stories is Doctor Who Magazine. Any other titles you see listed for any of these stories is a reprint location.

Number of issues cataloged: 13

Number of users with this title in their pull list: 1

Issue   Title   Story Arc   Cover Date
GN 15
  Nemesis of the Daleks
GN 13
  The Crimson Hand
GN 12
  The Widow's Curse
GN 10
  The Betrothal Of Sontar
  Early November 2008
GN 09
  The World Shapers
  Profits of Doom
  May 15 2007
        The "Biblical" Arc
        Revelation (Doctor Who...
        Genesis (Doctor Who
        Exodus (Doctor Who...
        The World Shapers
        Nature of the Beast
        The Gift
        Salad Daze
        Time Bomb (Doctor Who)
GN 08
  The Shape-Shifter
  October 11 2007
        The Heroes' Tales
        Fun House
        Once Upon a Time Lord
        Polly the Glot
GN 07
  The Flood
  The Curious Tale of Sprin...
  May 4 2007
        The Power of Thoueris!
        Doctor Who and the Nightm...
        Where Nobody Knows Your N...
        The Flood! (Doctor Who)
        Sins of the Fathers (Doct...
        Bad Blood (Doctor Who<...
        The Land of Happy Endings
GN 06
  Me and My Shadow
  September 28 2006
        Character Assassin
        Oblivion (Doctor Who
        Children of the Revolutio...
        Beautiful Freak
        The Way of All Flesh
GN 05
  The Glorious Dead
  The Autonomy Bug
  August 17 2006
        The Glorious Dead
        The Company of Thieves
        The Road to Hell
        Unnatural Born Killers
        The Fallen (Doctor Who...
        The Ship of Fools
        Throwback: The Soul of a ...
        TV Action!
        Happy Deathday
GN 04
  The Threshold Saga
  November 17 2005
        The Final Chapter (Doctor...
        Endgame (Doctor Who
        The Keep
        A Life of Matter and Deat...
        Fire and Brimstone
        By Hook or By Crook
        Tooth and Claw (Doctor Wh...
GN 03
  The Tides of Time
  The Moderator
  May 31 2005
        Four Dimensional Vistas
        Lunar Lagoon
        The Stockbridge Horror
        Stars Fell on Stockbridge
        The Tides of Time
GN 02
  Dragon's Claw
  End of the Line
  November 7 2004
        The Deal (Doctor Who)
        War of the Words
        The Life Bringer
        Dreamers of Death
        The Collector
        Dragon's Claw
        The Neutron Knights
        Junkyard Demon
        The Free-Fall Warriors
GN 01
  The Iron Legion
  The Time Witch
  April 6 2004
        The Dogs of Doom
        The Star Beast
        City of the Damned (Docto...
        The Iron Legion

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