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James Bond 007 (newspaper strip reprints)   (2004)
Search for 'James Bond 007 (newspaper strip reprints)' on eBay

Publisher: Titan Books

Publication Date: February 2004 - March 2010

Country: United States

Language: English

The original adaptations of the Ian Fleming novels were first printed by the Daily Express starting in 1958. One-by-one, the novels were turned into comic strips and ran daily. A brief "hiccup" in the Fleming/Express relationship did occur in 1962, however, after Fleming sold the rights to just the short story, "The Living Daylights", to the Sunday Times. Though this impacted the then-running strip, Thunderball, the relationship got back on track in 1964 and continued until 1977.

These strips then all but disappeared until the James Bond 007 Fan Club (US) somehow reprinted Diamonds Are Forever, From Russia With Love, and Dr. No in 1981. Further republication halted after this one-off until 1987.

By then, Titan Books had unambiguously secured the reprint rights, and began to issue a new volume each year for four years. These reprints comprise what is now sometimes called, unofficially, "Titan Books, volume 1".

"Volume 1" is not the subject of the title you are now reading about. You will find it in this database as James Bond 007 (newspaper strip reprints) (1987). That volume is closely related to, and easily confused with, the title under discussion here, the so-called "Volume 2". The 2004 series was a much more ambitious reprinting project that began in February of 2004. Though books from both volumes may have the same name (for instance, there's a Casino Royale in both volumes), they do not have the same content. All books in this second volume have more stories in each book, introductions by personalities associated with the film series, and, often, other extra features.

Additionally, the series was planned to go beyond the scope of the Fleming adaptations, and, in late 2005, ventured into reprinting some of the storylines which were wholly original to the newspaper strip's creative team.

For these reasons, this volume may be considered the "completists" volume.

The first six volumes in the series were not released in chronological order. "The Man with the Golden Gun" was released first for example, but is chronologically the fifth volume. To represent this the books have been numbered in the format TPB vol. XX [YY], with XX representing the release order, and YY in brackets represents the chronological order.

Note that prices and release dates are given for the original British editions.

Number of issues cataloged: 17

Issue   Title   Story Arc   Cover Date
TPB vol. 17
  March 2010
TPB vol. 16
  The Girl Machine
  July 2009
TPB vol. 15
  November 2008
TPB vol. 14
  Paradise Plot
  June 27 2008
TPB vol. 13
  Shark Bait
  January 25 2008
TPB vol. 12
  Death Wing
  September 11 2007
TPB vol. 11
  Phoenix Project
  February 23 2007
TPB vol. 10
  Trouble Spot
  September 22 2006
TPB vol. 09
  The Golden Ghost
  April 21 2006
TPB vol. 08
  Colonel Sun
  December 23 2005
TPB vol. 07
  The Spy Who Loved Me
  August 26 2005
TPB vol. 06 [02]
  Dr. No
  May 23 2005
TPB vol. 05 [01]
  Casino Royale
  February 25 2005
TPB vol. 04 [03]
  November 26 2004
TPB vol. 03 [04]
  On Her Majesty's Secret Service
  August 23 2004
TPB vol. 02 [06]
  May 21 2004
TPB vol. 01 [05]
  The Man with the Golden Gun
  February 20 2004

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