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Tiny Tots   (1927)
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Publisher: KG Murray

Publication Date: October 1927 - January 1959

Country: United States

Language: English

If for the US, the Golden Age is generally considered to be the decade of the 1940s, the British Golden Age is generally the 1930s. The reason for this slight discrepancy has a lot to do with World War II, which, for Britons, introduced severe paper rationing. This parliamentary act froze the introduction of new comic titles, so if you were a comics publisher, any new titles you hadn't gotten to press by 1939 wouldn't see a newsagent before 1945. Conversely a lot of older books which might have gone under had the market been allowed to play itself out normally were given a reprieve from dying, because no publisher would be likely to cancel a title they couldn't replace with a newer one.

Was Tiny Tots one of those titles given "extra" life by the war? Maybe--though it did survive until well after. Still, some speculate that the "Nursery Comic" genre, so closely associated with the British Golden Age, probably did live a little longer than it should've, given the harsh realities of the war around consumers. Effectively, the market conditions were such that new titles which offered subject matter relative to the war weren't allowed to be published during the war. There's thus no way to really tell whether publications like Tiny Tots should have survived. They just did. And as a result we don't have nearly the same kind of "war stories" in British comics that were typical of Golden Age comics in the US. Instead, we have a legacy of "funny animal" stories and the like.

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