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Doctor Who Magazine Special   (1980)
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Publisher: Marvel Comics UK (Marvel)

Publication Date: Summer 1980 - Spring 1996

Country: United Kingdom

Language: English

Generally a seasonal publication, with occasional thematic one-shots thrown in for good measure. Distinct from Doctor Who Magazine Special Edition, which was Panini's version of the concept.

Number of issues cataloged: 29

Issue   Title   Story Arc   Cover Date
29-1996 Spring
  Spring 1996
28-1995 Summer
  The Seventh Segment
  Summer 1995
27-The Age of Chaos
26-1994 Winter
  Plastic Millenium
  Winter 1994
25-1994 Summer
  Younger and Wiser
  Summer 1994
        Are You Listening?
24-Dalek Chronicles
  The Daleks: The Terrorkon...
  August 4 1994
        The Daleks: Impasse
        The Daleks: Rogue Planet
        The Daleks: The Archives ...
        The Daleks: Eve of War
        The Daleks: The Menace of...
        The Daleks: Plague of Dea...
        The Daleks: The Penta Ray...
        The Daleks: The Amaryll C...
        The Daleks: Duel of the D...
        The Daleks: Power Play
        The Daleks: Genesis of Ev...
        The Dalek Chronicles
        The Daleks: The Road to C...
        The Daleks: The Emissarie...
        The Daleks: Shadow of Hum...
        The Daleks: Legacy of Yes...
23-1993 Summer
  Bringer of Darkness
  Summer 1993
22-1993 Winter
  30th Anniversary 1963-93
  Winter 1993
21-1992 Holiday
  City of Devils
  Holiday 1992
20-1992 Winter
  Winter 1992
19-1991 Winter
  The Man in the Ion Mask
  Winter 1991
18-1991 Summer
  Seaside Rendezvous
  Summer 1991
17-DWM 10th Anniversary
16-1988 25th Anniversary
15-Collected Comics
  Polly the Glot
        The Shape-Shifter
14-1987 Autumn
  Fall 1987
13-1986 Summer
  Summer 1986
12-1986 Winter
  Winter 1986
11-1985 Summer
  K-9's Finest Hour
  Summer 1985
        The Iron Legion
10-1985 Winter
  Winter 1985
9-1984 Summer
  Summer 1984
8-1984 Winter
  Winter 1984
7-1983 Summer
  Junkyard Demon
  Summer 1983
        Abslom Daak—Dalek Killer
6-1983 Winter
  An Unearthly Child (The U...
  Winter 1983
5-1982 Winter
  Winter 1982
4-1982 Summer
  The Fabulous Idiot
  Summer 1982
        A Ship Called Sudden Deat...
3-1981 Summer
  Business as Usual
  Summer 1981
2-1981 Winter
  Skywatch 7
  Winter 1981
        Tales of the Time Lords
1-1980 Summer
  K-9's Finest Hour
  Summer 1980
        The Iron Legion

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