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Priest   (2002)
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Publisher: Tokyopop Manga (Tokyopop)

Publication Date: July 2002 - Ongoing

Country: United States

Language: English

Priest is an amazing action/horror series based mainly in the old west. The story revolves around a priest named Ivan Isaacs. his life of love, loss and servitude to the catholic church, until he uncovers a very dark secret the church has been trying to hide for years. Ivan Isaacs goes on a killing rampage, taking everything down in the way of Temozarela, the fallen angel that wishes to create a 'hell on earth' to destroy God's most beloved creation. Man. Along the way he is shadowed by a devil named Belial, who he sold his soul to, to save his life. Belial believes he is the only one able to defeat Temozarela, but cannot do so without a body, and he wants Ivan's. Along the way, Ivan runs across Lizzie, the Leader of the infamous Angel Gang. She becomes infected by a horde of zombies, and must follow Ivan to find a cure. She joins up with Coburn, a US Marshall who leads a team in an investigation of the recent string of 'unusual' incidents around the Southwest. His only lead to finding Ivan is Lizzie. With this manwhas amazing art style, intense scenes of action, and the sudden turns in the story. You'll be hooked, and begging for the next book when you finish one.

Number of issues cataloged: 17

Issue   Title   Story Arc   Cover Date
Vol. 16
  Zealot's March
  April 7 2007
Vol. 15
  Dirge for the Unwanted
  November 7 2006
Vol. 14
  Stygian Mode
  January 2005
Vol. 13
  Strain of the Dispossessed
  October 5 2004
Vol. 12
  A Choir of Wolves
  July 6 2004
Vol. 11
  Canticle of the Sword
  April 2004
Vol. 10
  Traitor's Lament
  January 6 2004
Vol. 09
  Hallelujah of the Beast
  December 2003
Vol. 08
  A Pale Rider's Chorus
  September 2003
Vol. 07
  Aria of Lost Souls
  July 2003
Vol. 06
  Symphony of Blood
  May 2003
Vol. 05
  Ballad of a Fallen Angel
  March 2003
Vol. 04
  Harbinger's Song
  January 2003
Vol. 03
  Requiem for the Damned
  November 2002
Vol. 02
  Prelude for the Deceased (Pt. 2)
  September 2002
Vol. 01
  Prelude for the Deceased (Pt. 1)
  July 2002
TPB vol. 1-3
  April 2011

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