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Missing Cover (Thumbnail) in The Amazing Spider-Man   (1963)
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Number of issues: 73

Issue   Issue Name   Variant Name
Annual 26   The Hero Killers, Part One: Fortune and Steel  (Newsstand Edition)
TPB vol. 33   Big Time  (Wal-Mart Edition)
1   Spider-Man  (United States Postal Service Edition)
174   The Hitman's Back In Town!  (UPC Missing)
195   Nine Lives Has The Black Cat!  (UPC Line-Through)
203   Bewitched, Bothered, And Be-Dazzled!  (Direct Market Edition)
209   To Salvage My Honor!  (Direct Market Edition)
221   Blues For Lonesome Pinky!  (Direct Market Edition)
229   Nothing Can Stop The Juggernaut!  (Direct Market Edition)
230   To Fight The Unbeatable Foe!  (Direct Market Edition)
233   Where the @c%# is Nose Norton?  (Newsstand Edition)
235   Look Out There's A Monster Coming!  (Direct Market Edition)
236   Death Knell!  (Direct Market Edition)
237   High & Mighty!  (Direct Market Edition)
239   Now Strikes The Hobgoblin!  (Newsstand Edition)
241   In the Beginning...  (Newstand)
246   The Daydreamers!  (Newsstand Edition)
249   Secrets!  (Newstand)
250   Confessions!  (Newsstand Edition)
251   Endings!  (Newsstand Edition)
252   Homecoming!  (Newsstand Edition)
255   Even A Ghost Can Fear The Night!  (Direct Market Edition)
258   The Sinister Secret Of Spider-Man's New Costume!  (Newstand)
259   All My Pasts Remembered!  (Newsstand Edition)
260   The Challenge Of Hobgoblin!  (Newsstand Edition)
261   The Sins Of My Father!  (Newstand)
262   Trade Secret!  (Newsstand Edition)
263   The Spectacular Spider-Kid!  (Newstand)
274   Lo, There Shall Come A Champion!  (Newstand)
275   The Choice And The Challenge!  (Newstand)
280   The Sinister Syndicate!  (Newsstand Edition)
281   When Warriors Clash--!  (Newsstand Edition)
282   The Fury of X-Factor!  (Newsstand Edition)
283   With Foes Like These...  (Newstand)
284   ... And Who Shall Stand Against Them...?  (Newsstand Edition)
286   Thy Father's Son  (Newsstand Edition)
287   ...And There Shall Come A Reckoning  (Newsstand Edition)
288   Gang War Rages On!  (Newstand)
290   The Big Question  (Newsstand Edition)
291   Dark Journey!  (Newsstand Edition)
292   Growing Pains!  (Newsstand Edition)
294   Thunder  (Newstand)
295   Mad Dogs  (Newstand)
296   Force Of Arms  (Newsstand Edition)
297   I'll Take Manhattan!  (Newsstand Edition)
298   Chance Encounter  (Newsstand Edition)
299   Survival of the Hittist  (Newsstand Edition)
302   (Mid) American Gothic!  (Newstand)
303   Dock Savage  (Newsstand Edition)
304   California Schemin!  (Newsstand Edition)
305   Westward Woe!  (Newstand)
306   Humbugged!  (Newsstand Edition)
307   The Thief Who Stole Himself!  (Newstand)
308   Dread  (Newstand)
309   Styx And Stone  (Newsstand Edition)
310   Shrike Force!  (Newstand)
311   Mysteries Of The Dead  (Newstand)
312   The Goblin War  (Newsstand Edition)
327   Cunning Attractions!  (Newstand)
328   Shaw's Gambit  (Newsstand Edition)
333   Stalking Feat!  (Newsstand Edition)
335   Shocks!  (Newstand)
390   Shrieking, Part One: Behind the Walls  (Newsstand Edition)
394   Power & Responsibility, Part 2: Breakdown!  (Regular Cover - Newsstand Edition)
529   Mr. Parker Goes to Washington, Part One of Three  (Newsstand Edition - $2.99 Price Variant)
572   Easy Targets  (Newstand Edition)
587   Character Assassination, Part 3  (Newstand Edition)
599   American Son, Conclusion  (Newstand Edition)
602   Tenth of September  (Newstand Edition)
666   Spider-Island Prologue: The One And Only  (Acme Comics Variant)
666   Spider-Island Prologue: The One And Only  (Cyber City Comix)
666   Spider-Island Prologue: The One And Only  (Dr Comics and Mr Games Variant)
666   Spider-Island Prologue: The One And Only  (Rick's Comic City Variant)

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