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Missing Cover (Large Image) in The Spectacular Spider-Man   (1976)
Search for 'The Spectacular Spider-Man' on eBay

Number of issues: 50

Issue   Issue Name   Variant Name
Annual 01   And Men Shall Call Him... Octopus!  (UPC Line Through)
Annual 07   The Honeymoon  (Newsstand Edition)
Annual 12   The Hero Killers Part 2  (Newsstand Edition)
TPB   Spider-Man: The Death of Jean DeWolff  
77   Relapse Times Two!  (Direct Market Edition)
92   And the Answer Is...  (Newsstand Edition)
93   A Hot Time in the Old Morgue Tonight!  (Newsstand Edition)
95   The Dagger at the End of the Tunnel!  (Newsstand Edition)
96   The Final Answer!  (Newsstand Edition)
97   Hermit-Age!  (Newsstand Edition)
98   True Confessions!  (Direct Market Edition)
101   Echoes...  (Newsstand Edition)
102   A Life For a Life!  (Newsstand Edition)
103   Compulsion!  (Newsstand Edition)
104   The Last Race  (Newsstand Edition)
105   United We Fall  (Newsstand Edition)
106   No Fury  (Newsstand Edition)
108   The Death of Jean DeWolff - Part Two: Sin of Pride  (Newsstand Edition)
109   He Who Is Without Sin  (Newsstand Edition)
114   The Key  (Newsstand Edition)
115   Things Fall Apart  (Newsstand Edition)
116   102 Uses For a Dead Cat  (Newstand Edition)
117   Dinner Hour  (Newsstand Edition)
118   Ashes To Ashes!  (Newsstand Edition)
119   Catfight!  (Newsstand Edition)
120   A House Is Not a Home  (Newsstand Edition)
121   Eye Witness!  (Newsstand Edition)
122   Father's Night Out  (Newsstand Edition)
123   With Friends Like These...  (Newsstand Edition)
126   ...Sudden Impact  (Newsstand Edition)
127   Among Us Lurks... a Lizard!  (Newsstand Edition)
131   Descent  (Newsstand Edition)
132   Ascending  (Newsstand Edition)
133   I Am ... Spider!  (Newsstand Edition)
135   Sin-Thesis  (Newsstand Edition)
136   Sin-Ister  (Newsstand Edition)
137   Nowhere to Run, Nowhere to Hide!  (Newsstand Edition)
138   Night of the Flag!  (Direct edition)
138   Night of the Flag!  (Newsstand Edition)
139   Grave Memory  (Newsstand Edition)
140   Kill Zone  (Newsstand Edition)
143   Deadline in Dallas  (Newsstand Edition)
145   The Boomerang Return  (Newsstand Edition)
146   Demon Night  (Newsstand Edition)
159   These Shattered Senses or A Tale of The Brothers Grimm  (Newsstand Edition)
161   Pardoned!  (Newsstand Edition)
200   Best of Enemies!  (DF Remarked by Sal Buscema)
203   Maximum Carnage, Part Thirteen: War of the Heart !  (Newsstand Edition)
223   Aftershocks Part II - Schemes & Dreams: For Future Screams  (Newsstand Edition)
231   The Return of Kaine, Part 1 of 4: Reluctant Lazarus  (Polybagged w/ Music Cassette)

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