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My Location: Oxford, UK


antmac has 0 reviews

Favorite Creators
Adams, Neal
Albano, John
Aparo, Jim
Breyfogle, Norm Keith
Burnham, Chris
Cornell, Paul
DeZuniga, Tony
Ellis, Warren
Ennis, Garth
Finger, Bill
Fraction, Matt
Gillen, Kieron
Giraud, Jean Henri Gaston - 'Moebius'
Graham, Brandon
Hickman, Jonathan
Irving, Frazer Alex
Jones, Kelley
Kindt, Matt
Kirby, Jack 'King'
Kupperman, Michael - 'P. Revess'
Mahnke, Doug
Morrison, Grant
O'Malley, Bryan Lee
Quitely, Frank - 'Vincent Deighan'
Scott, Nicola
Simone, Gail
Snyder, Scott
Sook, Ryan
Stewart, Cameron
Vaughan, Brian K.
Whedon, Joss
Williams, James H. III - 'J.H. Williams III / Jim'

antmac has 480 ratings

Favorite Characters
Acid Archie
Ambush Bug
Animal Man (DC)
Animal Man (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Apollo (Wildstorm)
Aqualad (01 - Garth)
Aquaman (DC)(Post Crisis)(01-Arthur 'Orin' Curry)
Aquaman (DC)(Post Crisis)(02-ArthurJoseph Curry)
Atom (DC)(04 - Ryan Choi)
Azrael (DC) (04 - Jean-Paul Valley)
B'wana Beast
Baker, Cliff
Baker, Ellen
Baker, Maxine
Bandit (DC/Vertigo)
Batgirl (01 - Barbara Gordon)
Batgirl (04 - Stephanie Brown)
Batgirl (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Batman (DC)(00 - Golden Age/Undefined Earth)
Batman (DC)(03 - Post-Crisis)
Batman (DC)(31st Century)(01 - Brane)
Batman (DC)(Darkseid Clone)
Batman (DC)(Earth-1 - Pre Crisis)
Batman (DC)(Earth-2 - Pre Crisis)
Batman (DC)(Earth-21 - New Frontier)
Batman (DC)(Earth-31 - DKR/All-Star)
Batman (DC)(Earth-43 - Red Rain)
Batman (DC)(future Damian Wayne)
Batman (DC)(non-continuity)
Batman (DC)(One Million)
Batman (DC)(Post Crisis)(02 - Jean-Paul Valley)
Batman (DC)(Post Crisis)(03 - Dick Grayson)
Batman (DC)(Post Flashpoint)(01-Wayne)
Batwoman (02 - Kate Kane)
Bennett (DC)(Post Flashpoint), Andrew
Bennett, Andrew
Big Barda (DC)
Billy the Cat
Blue Beetle (DC) (03 - Jaime Reyes)
Booster Gold (DC)
Captain Carrot
Comet The Super Horse (DC)(Earth-1)
Constantine (DC)(Post Flashpoint), Jonathan 'John'
Cyborg (DC)
Darkseid (DC)
Deadman (DC)
Drake, Timothy 'Tim'
Dummy (Marvel)
Elongated Man (DC)
Etrigan the Demon (DC)
Firestorm (DC)(01 - Martin Stein/Ronnie Raymond)
Firestorm (DC)(07 - Raymond/Rusch)
Flash (DC)(03 - Wally West)
Flowers, Ramona Victoria
Frankenstein (DC)
Frankenstein (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Gordon (DC)(Post Crisis), James Worthington
Green Arrow (DC)(Post Crisis)(01 - Oliver Queen)
Herr Starr
Hex (DC), Jonah Woodson
Hex (DC)(Post Flashpoint), Jonah Woodson
Holmes (Doyle), Sherlock
Huntress (DC)(Earth-2 - Pre Crisis)(02 - H. Wayne)
Huntress (DC)(Post Crisis)(02 - Helena Bertinelli)
Hurt, Simon
Impulse (DC) (01 - Bart Allen)
Jack Frost (Invisibles)
Joker (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Joker (DC)(Post-Crisis)(01 - 'Jack')
Jones, Pearl
Judge Dredd
Kid Flash (DC)(01 - Wally West)
King Mob
Klarion the Witch-Boy
Knight (DC)(02 - Cyril Sheldrake)
Lane (DC)(All-Star Superman), Lois
Lord Fanny
Mentallo (DC), Flex
Mera (DC)
Merry Man
Midnighter (Wildstorm)
Montoya, Renee Maria
Morrison, Grant
Most Excellent Superbat
Mr. Miracle (DC)(02 - Scott Free)
Mr. Miracle (DC)(03 - Shilo Norman)
Mulder, Fox William
OMAC (01 - Buddy Blank)
Oracle (DC)(02 - Barbara Gordon)
Orion (DC)
Park-West, Linda Jasmine
Pennyworth (DC)(Post Crisis), Alfred Thaddeus Crane
Pilgrim, Scott
Pirate (DC/Vertigo)
Plastic Man (Quality/DC)
Professor Pyg
Prophet (Extreme)
Question (DC)(01 - Vic Sage)
Raven (DC) (04 - Rachel Roth)
Red Robin (DC)(03 - Tim Wayne)
Resurrection Man (DC)
Robin (DC)(Post Crisis)(05 - Damian Wayne)
Scully, Dana Katherine
Spider-Man (Marvel)(01 - Peter Parker)
Spoiler (DC)
Squire (DC)(03 - Beryl Hutchinson)
Starfire (DC)(03 - Koriand'r)
Stargrave, Gideon
Steel (DC)(03 - John Henry Irons)
Summers, Buffy Anne
Sumo, Sonny
Super Dinosaur
Superboy (DC)(Post Crisis)(02 - Conner Kent)
Superman (DC)(All-Star Superman)
Superman (DC)(Earth 23 - Post Flashpoint)
Superman (DC)(Post Crisis)(01 - Clark Kent)
Superman (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Superman-Prime (DC)(One Million)
Swamp Thing (05 - 'Alec Holland')
Sweet, Skinner
Tinker (We3)
Vixen (DC)
Wayne, Damian
West (Wally & Linda's daughter), Iris
West, Jai
Wonder Woman (DC)(Post Flashpoint)

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