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Last 10 titles added:
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  2. Spider-Man 2099 (2020)
  3. Doom 2099 (2020)
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Last 10 creators added:
  1. Andrea Di Vito
  2. Everett 'E.S.' Glenn
  3. Reuse@
  4. Ed Hipkiss
  5. Winston Chan
  6. Fei Chen
  7. Paolo Di Lorenzi
  8. Reuse@
  9. Karl Mostert
  10. Jim Krieg
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Last 10 characters added:
  1. Chancer, Julius
  2. Crow, Evelyn
  3. The Crow (Brandi)
  4. Ghost (Marvel)(02 - Zelc...
  5. Maelstrom, Forever
  6. Brother Jacob
  7. Brother Philip (Firefly)
  8. Benitez, Chang
  9. Crash Ryan
  10. Grud, J. Hoover
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Favorite Characters
Anarky (DC)(01 - Lonnie Machin)
Anarky (DC)(02 - Ulysses Armstrong)
Anarky (DC)(Post Flashpoint)(01-Lonnie Machin)
Anarky (DC)(Post Flashpoint)(02-Ulysses Armstrong)
Beast Boy (DC)(01 - Gar Logan)
Black Cat (Marvel)
Calculator (DC)
Calculator (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Card Queen (DC) (01 - Duela Dent)
Carnage (Marvel)
Cat (DC)(01 - Hawk & Dove Villain)
Cat (DC)(02 - Three Witches)
Cat (DC)(03 - Books of Magick)
Cat (DC)(Futures End)
Cat (Marvel)(01 - Greer Nelson)
Cat (Marvel)(02 - Shen Kuei)
Cat (Marvel)(03 - Edward Lavender)
Cat (Marvel)(04 - Demon)
Cat (Marvel)(05 - Emma Malone)
Cat (Marvel)(06 - Unknown)
Cat Burglar (Marvel)
Cat-Man (Marvel)(01 - Townshend Horgan)
Cat-Man (Marvel)(02 - Sebastian Patane)
Cat-Man (Marvel)(03 - Unknown)
Catbird (DC)(Post-Flashpoint)
Catgirl (DC)(Earth-31)
Catman (DC)
Catman (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Catseye (Marvel)
Catwalk (Marvel)
Catwoman (DC)(Post Crisis)(02 - Holly Robinson)
Catwoman (DC)(Post Flashpoint)(02-Eiko Hasigawa)
Cheshire (DC)
Cheshire Cat (Marvel)
Constantine (DC)(Post Flashpoint), Jonathan 'John'
Constantine, John
Copycat (Marvel)
Doctor Manhattan (Watchmen)
Falcone, Kitrina
Gwenpool (Marvel)
Hardy (Marvel), Felicia
Harlequin (01 - Molly Mayne-Scott)
Harlequin (02 - Duela Dent)
Harlequin (03 - Marcie Cooper)
Harley Quinn (DC)
Harley Quinn (DC)(Animated Universe)
Harley Quinn (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Hellcat (Marvel)
Jester (DC)(02 - Jeremiah Arkham)
Jester (Marvel)(01 - Jonathan Powers)
Jewelee (DC)(Post-Crisis)
Joker (DC)(Animated Universe)
Joker (DC)(Arkhamverse)
Joker (DC)(Batman '66)
Joker (DC)(Bombshells)
Joker (DC)(Earth-1 - Pre Crisis)
Joker (DC)(Earth-12 - Batman Beyond)
Joker (DC)(Earth-19 - Gotham by Gaslight)
Joker (DC)(Earth-2 - Post Crisis)
Joker (DC)(Earth-2 - Pre-Crisis)
Joker (DC)(Earth-21 - New Frontier)
Joker (DC)(Earth-22 - Kingdom Come)
Joker (DC)(Earth-31 - DKR/All-Star)
Joker (DC)(Earth-43 - Red Rain)
Joker (DC)(Earth-51 - Utopia)
Joker (DC)(Earth-9 - Tangent)(01 - Mary Marvel)
Joker (DC)(Earth-9 - Tangent)(02 - Lori Lemaris)
Joker (DC)(Flashpoint)
Joker (DC)(Gotham City Garage)
Joker (DC)(Injustice)
Joker (DC)(Injustice)(Earth One)
Joker (DC)(Li'l Gotham)
Joker (DC)(non-continuity)
Joker (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Joker (DC)(Post Flashpoint)(Earth-2)
Joker (DC)(Post-Crisis)(01 - 'Jack')
Joker (DC)(Post-Crisis)(02 - Miagani)
Joker (DC)(White Knight)
Joker Impostor (DC)
The Joker King
Joker's Daughter (DC)
Joker's Daughter (DC)(Animated Universe)
Joker's Daughter (DC)(Earth-22 - Kingdom Come)
Joker's Daughter (DC)(Post-Flashpoint)
Joker's Daughter (DC)(Tiny Titans)
Loki (Marvel)
Luthor (DC)(Earth-2 - Pre Crisis)
Luthor (DC)(Post Crisis), Alexander Joseph 'Lex'
Pied Piper (DC) (01 - Batman villain)
Pied Piper (DC) (02 - Hartley Rathaway)
Pied Piper (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Plastic Man (DC)
Poison Ivy (DC)(Pamela Isley)
Punch (DC)(02 - Clyde Phillips)
Punch (DC)(03 - Jimmy)
Punch (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Red Hood (01 - Joker)
Red Hood (02 - Jason Todd)
Red Hood (DC)(Post Flashpoint)(01 - Jason Todd)
Riddler (DC)
Robin (DC)(Earth-1 - Pre Crisis)(02 - Jason Todd)
Rorschach (DC)(02 - Reggie Long)
Rorschach (DC)(Watchmen)
Shadowcat (Marvel)
She Cat (DC)
Spider-Woman (Marvel)(06 - Gwen Stacy)
Squirrel Girl (Marvel)
Starfire (DC)(03 - Koriand'r)
Tally Man (DC)(01)
Todd, Jason Peter
Trickster (DC)(01 - James Jesse)
Trickster (DC)(02 - Axel Walker)
Trickster (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Wildcat (DC)(01 - Ted Grant)
Wildcat (DC)(01.5 - Ted Grant)
Wildcat (DC)(02 - Tomahawk's Rangers)
Wildcat (DC)(03 - Yolanda Montez)
Wildcat (DC)(04 - Hector Ramirez)
Wildcat (DC)(05 - Tom Bronson)
Wildcat (DC)(Earth-2 - Post Crisis)
Wildcat (DC)(Earth-21 - New Frontier)
Wildcat (DC)(Earth-9-Tangent)
X-23 (Marvel)

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