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Last 10 titles added:
  1. Samsung Mobile repairs o...
  2. Assassin's Creed: Conspi...
  3. Rick and Morty vs Dungeo...
  4. The Regulator (2007)
  5. Scaramouch (1990)
  6. Bonecheck (2018)
  7. Volition (2018)
  8. Ximphonic Verses (2017)
  9. The Human Torch and the ...
  10. The Thing and the Human ...
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Last 10 creators added:
  1. Alan Sissom
  2. Dan Tyree
  3. Scotlynd Bedford - 'Xing Xin'
  4. Kyle Lambert
  5. Thierry Lamy
  6. Brandon Cuellar
  7. Ida Hem
  8. Dale Malinowski
  9. Nicolas Wouters
  10. Mario Perotta
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  1. Tong, Xiang Fei
  2. Barrales, Hector
  3. Special Agent Ravenwood
  4. Dan (TMNT)
  5. Carl (Bitch Planet)
  6. Frank (Marvel)(F.A. Schi...
  7. Paulsen, Hank
  8. Snake (Marvel)(01 - Skul...
  9. Darby
  10. French
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Favorite Characters
al Ghul (DC), Ra's
Battleaxe (Marvel)(02 - Anita Ehren)
Binary (Marvel)(Mutant X)
Black, Mulholland
Bloodhawk (Marvel)(2099)
Bloodstorm (Marvel)(01- Mutant X)
Calamity (Marvel)
Callisto (Marvel)(Mutant X)
Captain Omen
Cerebro (Marvel)(Mutant X)
Chamber (Marvel)(01 - Jonothan Starsmore)
Clay (Marvel)
Corazon (Marvel), Gilberto 'Gil'
Cyclops (Marvel)(Mutant X)
Dark Beast (Marvel)(Age of Apocalypse)
Deadpool (Marvel)
Deathlok (Marvel)(04 - Michael Collins)
Doomsday Man (01 - Robot)
Eel (Marvel)(02 - Edward Lavell)
Elektra (Marvel)(Mutant X)
Future Hiro
Gambit (Marvel)
Gambit (Marvel)(Mutant X)
Goblin Queen (Marvel)(Mutant X)
Haight, General Parraidan
Heavy (Marvel)(01 - Dennis Murray)
The Hood (Marvel)(02 - Parker Robbins)
Jagrfelm (Marvel)
Kane (Marvel)(Ultimate)
Komodo (Marvel)(02 - Melati Kusuma)
Korvus (Marvel)
Lockheed (Marvel)(Mutant X)
Madame Masque
Magik (Marvel)(01 - Illyana Rasputin)
Magik (Marvel)(Earth-4210)
Magneto (Marvel)(Mutant X)
Magnus (Marvel) (Exiles - Earth-27)
Mangog (Marvel)
Masahashi, Ando
Mastermind (Marvel)(03 - Martinique Wyngarde)
Micromax (Marvel)
Mr. Sinister (Marvel)(Mutant X)
Mutant Zero (Marvel)
Mystique (Marvel)(Mutant X)
Nakamura, Hiro
Nakamura, Kaito
Namora (Marvel)
Nightcrawler (Marvel)(Mutant X)
Nitro (Marvel)
Nova (Marvel)(Mutant X)
Onslaught (Marvel)(02 - Charles Xavier)
Orikal (Marvel)
Payback (Marvel) (01 - Edward Dyson)
Pepper Potts (Marvel)
Polaris (Marvel)(Mutant X)
Puppet Master (Marvel)
Pyro (Marvel)(Ultimate)
Quartermain (Marvel), Clay
Ra-Venn (Marvel)
Rappaccini (Marvel), Monica
Rhodes, Roberta
Rocket Red #21
Selene (Marvel)
Senyaka (Marvel)
Shadowoman (Marvel)
Sheridan (Marvel), Rick
Silver Sable (Marvel)(Ultimate)
Silver Surfer (Marvel)(Mutant X)
Slade (Marvel)(Clan Akkaba), Hamilton
Slade, Frederick
Slade, Margaret
Starsmore, Jack
Stryfe (Marvel)(Ultimate)
Summers (Marvel)(Mutant X), Scotty
Sunpyre (Marvel)(01 - Leyu Yoshida)
Tarantula (Marvel)(06 - Maria Vasquez)
Timebroker/Timebreaker(s) (Marvel)
Trauma (Marvel)(02 - Terrance Ward)
Traveller (Marvel)
Wild Child (Marvel)
Wisdom, Pete
Wolf Cub (Marvel)(01 - Nicholas Gleason)
Wolverine (Marvel)(01 - James 'Logan' Howlett)
Wraith (Marvel)(03 - Zak-Del)
X-Man (Marvel)

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