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User Lists

Name: #1 Greatest Teen Superhero

Powerboy is the greatest teen superhero in all of comics. Besides saving Supergirl and spending months protecting her from Dark Angel. Only to be screwed over, having his Father Box hacked by Dark Angel. And losing control of his empathic powers due to Kara's Kryptonite poisoning causing a super fight with his first and only girlfriend. Then after having his life destroyed. While trying to start over as a member of Teen Titans East, the 15 year old orphaned boy and child abuse victim from the hellish Apokolips got possessed by a sin demon. The teen New God was then robbed of not only his virginity, but his very life, being left burned over half his body and impaled through the chest by a large tree branch. Unless restored to life by his Father Box, or being reborn along with all the other New Gods in the Earth 51 Universe. The Teen of Power, Hero of Tomorrow is assumed dead for now. For more info go here -

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Supergirl (2005) #11 Powerboy saved the lives of Supergirl and Grace Choi.   Delete   Add to my Wishlist
Supergirl (2005) #13 Powerboy and Supergirl saved the lives of hundreds of men, women, and children during a Hurricane in Mexico. The Boy of Power gave Streaky to Supergirl. Due to his power to turn into light, or to teleport, the Teen of Power defeated Supergirl in a race from space to the Hollywood Sign. While trying to protect Kara from Gakidou and Sakki The Hate Furnace, Powerboy was crucified at the Hollywood Sign. Yet moments later was restored to life via his Father Box. After getting a hug for all his troubles. Powerboy became Supergirl's first teenage boyfriend.   Delete   Add to my Wishlist
Supergirl (2005) #14 In Central Park, Powerboy and Supergirl fight the DNAngels & Gearhead. He mentions having rescued her life three times in the past three weeks. Working as a super duo easily dispatch the latest batch of assassins sent to kill Kara. Supergirl then gives Powerboy his first kiss.

After a fight with Cass Cain that left her too weak to do anything. She calls PB via his Father Box to help save her friend Owen. Dark Angel uses this opportunity to hack into his Father Box.

Off panel between issue #14 & #15 Powerboy saved the lives of Cass Cain & Owen Mercer aka Captain Boomerang II by getting them to the hospital in New York before they bleed to death.
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Supergirl (2005) #15 After Supergirl thanks Powerboy for all the months he had risked his young life protecting her. Dark Angel hacked his Father Box and Kara's Kryptonite poisoning caused him to lose control of his empathy powers. Resulting in a super fight and break up.

Dark Angel used Father Box to create a Time/Space explosion that sent Supergirl to an alternate reality with a Red Sun. And a world of people possessed by Phantom Zone Phantoms for further attempts at eliminating her from New Earth continuity. She survived all the mind games by Dark Angel (see Supergirl #10 through issue #19), but her relationship with Powerboy was left in ruin.
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Supergirl (2005) #19 Powerboy left flowers and a note saying he forgave Kara for trying to kill him and his dog. And even thought he was left beaten, burned, homeless, and felt heartbroken due to his first love not believing in him. He still hoped they would someday work things out. Hoping the truth about Dark Angel being responsible for manipulating their emotions and Kara's kryptonite poisoning causing them both to lose control would finally come out.   Delete   Add to my Wishlist
Titans East Special (2008) #1 All the teen heroes being under the influence of sin demons caused them to act out of character. The 15 year old child abuse victim from Apokolips was possessed by a sin demon, resulting in a one night stand with a total stranger. And also resulting in the nameless, unloved boy being left badly burned and impaled through the chest by a large tree branch. While the rest of the Teen Titans East team was left hospitalized, but survived the attack of The Sons of Trigon. Energy is shown coming from the medallion (secretly Father Box) on Powerboy's chest. Implying that Father Box was restoring him to life, just as it had done in Supergirl #13. So is likely that the Apokoliptian Adonis will be restored on New Earth. If not, he and Little Barda was likely reborn with all the other New Gods on the Earth 51 Universe (as seen in Final Crisis #7).   Delete   Add to my Wishlist
52 (2006) #21 Powerboy survived a childhood of abuse, neglect, & torture. Powerboy helped Little Barda escape from Apokolips. Powerboy & Little Barda are the first male & female teen New Gods to be Superheroes on Earth-0. He & Klarion the Witch Boy are the only two teen heroes to ever possess a Father Box. Powerboy & Little Barda are the first and only New Gods to be members of the Teen Titans, Teen Titans East, & Tiny Titans.   Delete   Add to my Wishlist

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