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User Lists

Name: '80s Black-and-Whites

B&W comics from the Eighties, most of which are from independent publishers, and long forgotten.

Add this entire list to my wishlist

Area 88 (1987) #1 One of the first Manga imports, published by Eclipse with Viz. Add to my Wishlist
Watchcats (1987) #1 One of the great parody comics, skewering "Watchmen". Add to my Wishlist
Boris The Bear (1986) #1 A 'violent' parody, more often mocking other works, and itself getting parodied in other titles. This one is from Dark Horse. Add to my Wishlist
Mai the Psychic Girl (1987) #1 A most awesome import from Eclipse/Viz. Add to my Wishlist
Albedo (1983) #0 One of the first titles to spark the 'Boom' or 'Boon', and most likely the fire that brought the 'furries' out. Add to my Wishlist
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1984) #1 Everybody seems to like it. Add to my Wishlist
The Realm (1986) #1 One of my favorite titles of the era. From the great Arrow Comics. Add to my Wishlist
Usagi Yojimbo (1987) #1 A breakout character and series out of Albedo. Still going strong! Add to my Wishlist
Hamster Vice (1986) #1 I used to have all of these issues, parodying television's 'Miami Vice'. Great story, so-so artwork. Still good to have. Blackthorne Publishing. Add to my Wishlist
Grips Adventures (1989) #1 Super-Independent work, possibly from an overworked publisher. Add to my Wishlist
The Fat Ninja (1986) #1 One of the goofiest parodies, yet fantastic. Add to my Wishlist
Tales from the Aniverse (1985) #1 One of the most important furry comics, from Arrow. Add to my Wishlist
Journey (1983) #1 An Aardvark-Vanaheim production, with William Mesner-Loebs at the helm. Add to my Wishlist
Journey: Wardrums (1987) #1 Re-incarnation at Fantagraphics. Add to my Wishlist
Cecil Kunkle (1986) #1 An odd one, from Renegade of course! Add to my Wishlist
Robotech II: The Sentinels (1988) Book I No. 01 A try at keeping the series going; from Eternity. Add to my Wishlist
Cold Blooded Chameleon Commandos (1986) #1 A strange one from Blackthorne. Add to my Wishlist
The Fish Police (1985) #1 One of the best; self-published B&W. Add to my Wishlist
Warrior (1982) #1 Magazine style, UK. Add to my Wishlist
Adolescent Radioactive Black Belt Hamsters (1986) #1 Crazy spoof comic. Add to my Wishlist
Conqueror (1984) #1 Old-style, character-driven space war book. Add to my Wishlist
Appleseed (1988) #1 Proto-robo manga. Great stuff! Add to my Wishlist
Axa (1981) #1 Adult? Add to my Wishlist
The Aniverse (1987) #1 Add to my Wishlist
Xenon (1987) #1 Part man, part machine. Add to my Wishlist
Dark Horse Presents (1986) #1 Some of the best premieres came from this anthology. Add to my Wishlist
Deadworld (1986) #1 One of the best in zombie, and a real fire-starter. B&W until issue 7. Add to my Wishlist
Primer (1982) #1 Comico's anthology. Very important for debuting Grendel (Hunter Rose) in issue #2! Add to my Wishlist
Grendel (1983) #1 Short-lived series, later re-sculpted into Mage's back-up series. Add to my Wishlist
Yummy Fur (1986) #1 Add to my Wishlist
Lone Wolf and Cub (1987) #1 English reprint. Fantastic samurai manga. Add to my Wishlist

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