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Last 10 titles added:
  1. Daisy and the Goldbug Va...
  2. #foodcrisis (2014)
  3. Steampunk Tales (2015)
  4. The Batman Files (2014)
  5. Michael Turner's Fathom ...
  6. Weapons of Mass Diplomac...
  7. Graveyard Shift (2014)
  8. Archie: Pureheart the Po...
  9. Haunter (2014)
  10. Critical Hit (2014)
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Last 10 creators added:
  1. Eileen Green
  2. Trevor Green
  3. Laurie Foster
  4. Evan D.G. Fraser
  5. Rocco D. Commisso
  6. John Perlock
  7. Marshall Scott Naylor
  8. Abel Lanzac
  9. Shanna Matuszak
  10. Tristan Jones
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Last 10 characters added:
  1. Audio (Marvel)
  2. Puff Adder (Marvel)(02 -...
  3. Hydro-Man (Marvel)(02 - ...
  4. Quinn (DC)(Post-Flashpoi...
  5. Quinn (DC)(Post-Flashpoi...
  6. Magog (DC)(Post-Flashpoi...
  7. Crash (DC)(Post-Flashpoi...
  8. Clownface (DC)(Post-Flas...
  9. Wickham (DC)(Post-Flashp...
  10. Red Fury (DC)(Post-Flash...
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Public User Lists

Number of lists: 100

List Name Description User
'80s Black-and-Whites B&W comics from the Eighties, most of which are from independent publishers, and long forgotten. jimcripps
#1 Greatest Teen Superhero Powerboy is the greatest teen superhero in all of comics. Besides saving Supergirl and spending months protecting her from Dark Angel. Only to be screwed over, having his Father Box hacked by Dark Angel. And losing control of his empathic powers due to Kara's Kryptonite poisoning causing a super fight with his first and only girlfriend. Then after having his life destroyed. While trying to start over as a member of Teen Titans East, the 15 year old orphaned boy and child abuse victim from the hellish Apokolips got possessed by a sin demon. The teen New God was then robbed of not only his virginity, but his very life, being left burned over half his body and impaled through the chest by a large tree branch. Unless restored to life by his Father Box, or being reborn along with all the other New Gods in the Earth 51 Universe. The Teen of Power, Hero of Tomorrow is assumed dead for now. For more info go here - allstar
101 Best Graphic Novels Librarian Stephen Weiner's list of his favorites ailes78
24-hour comics List of 24-hour comics EarthFurst
9/11 (2001 September 11 attacks on USA) Comics related to 2001 September 11 attacks by al-Qaeda on the United States. EarthFurst
AAFES New Avengers Marvel's series of New Avengers comics given away free to the US military through AAFES stores around the world. MadMikeyD
Action Comics #1 List of Action Comics #1 homage covers ricky7d
Adventures of the Red Panda The published adventures of the "Terrific Twosome of Toronto" - the Red Panda and Flying Squirrel. MadMikeyD
AIDS and/or HIV AIDS (aka A.I.D.S.)-related and/or HIV-related comics. EarthFurst
All-Female Anthologies Since 1970's "It Ain't Me Babe", there have been a number of anthologies by all/predominantly female creators have come out from underground, mainstream, and small press alike. Included in this list are all comics that intentionally feature work predominantly by women. WomensSeqArtLibrary
B.P.R.D. In Numerical Sequence If you wanted to read the B.P.R.D. series as #1-46, here's how you'd do it... theotrot
Batman - No Man's Land A complete list of comics set during the 1999 DC event No Man's Land. These are in reading order. (Work in Progress; List will have 100 issues when complete) JackBauer24
Blue Monday trades List of the Blue Monday trades by Chynna Clugston. Fritz
Chris Bachalo Covers Favourite by covers Chris Bachalo KLJ3
Claremont/Byrne Iron Fist olympos
Comics by Women raquel9e
Comics that appeared on television or seen in the movies Comics that appeared on television or the movies. ccl080673
Cool Covers Some of my favorite covers. ZeroScore
Crisis 9th December 1980 : Issue #6 Complete to September 1992 : Issue #62 alfadvb
Currently Reading Graphic novels and manga are typically downloaded and then read. Every intent on purchasing the titles that I enjoy. Sosiego
Day of Vengeance This lists all the comics related to the Day of Vengeance DC event, in reading order. coppelius
DC Art of Gray Morrow marksweeneyjr
DC Death Cover Homages ccl080673
DC's Big Head Month Cover dated December of 1997; the majority of DC's titles published that month were issued with cover artwork of a portrait head shot of the title character, or another significant player.

See Marvel's similar cover theme about a decade earlier.

DC's Full Coverage Month Cover dated February of 2002; the majority of DC's titles published that month were issued with covers that exhibit the title logo incorporated into the artwork in inventive ways. Perhaps in homage to Will Eisner's The Spirit. mikebo
DC's Icons Covers Cover dated March of 2011; the majority of DC's titles published that month were issued with cover artwork of a full body picture of the title character, or another significant player against a white background, and a character specific symbol in place of each title's usual logo. mikebo
Eye Cover TumbleMonkey
Face Off Cover Homage BatFan01
Fantastic Four The worlds greatest comic magazine. Nuff said! Corpse
Favorite Covers Favorite Covers Nawfalq
Favorite Covers A collection of some of what I consider iconic or, just plain cool covers from all ages. Norwood
Favorite Covers my favorite comic covers fuller316
Favorite Series ayokayo
First Cover Appearance This is a list for the first appearance on a cover. zfisher
First Cover Appearances First Appearance of a Character on a Cover (Marvel Only) Dystocia
Frazer Irving This list contains every issue Frazer Irving has worked on for DC, excluding Variant Covers. Tiga36
Free Comic Book Day Comics of Free Comic Book Day (FCBD). EarthFurst
fundraisers Comics where proceeds to a charity. EarthFurst
Great covers RandomHero
Hellboy/BPRD TPBs This is a list of the Hellboy Universe TPBs. melkoloran
Holding body Cover Homage TumbleMonkey
Holocaust in Comics Comics books, trade paperbacks and graphic novels that depict the Shoah (Holocaust) between 1933 and 1945. jewishlibrarian
Homage Covers A list of comics with covers that are homages to previous issues. This is by no means a complete list, just those covers in my collection that are obvious, to me, homages. I might even throw in a few I don't own. BatFan01
homages to Fantastic Four #1 (1961) Homages to cover of Fantastic Four (1961) #1 by Jack Kirby. EarthFurst
Identity Crisis This lists all the comics related to the Identity Crisis DC event, in reading order. coppelius
Infinite Crisis This lists all the comics related to the Infinite Crisis DC event, in reading order. coppelius
Iron Man 3 Panini poster issue in 6 parts over 6 issues of the Panini UK collectors edition comics. 1 - Marvel Legends v1 #83 2 - The Astonishing Spider-Man #88 3 - Essential X-men v2 #43 4 - Mighty world of Marvel v4 #47 5 - Wolverine And Deadpool #45 6 - Incredible Hulks #15 Prime25
Israel & Israelis in Comics Comic books, trade paperbacks, and graphic novels that depict Israel &/or Israelis in them. jewishlibrarian
justice league #1 Cover Homage Covers that are an homage to Kevin Maguire's Justice League #1 TumbleMonkey
Kleefeld the Letterhack Issues which include a letter by Sean Kleefeld. SKleefeld
List #1 List #1 enough said. grnlantern89
Marko Djurdjevic Covers Favourite covers by Marko Djurdjevic KLJ3
Marvel's 25th Anniversary Covers Cover dated November of 1986; to celebrate its 25th Anniversary about half of Marvel's titles that month had a cover theme of character portraits surrounded by a frame of other characters.

See DC's similar cover theme about a decade later.

MarvelDigitalComicsUnlimited Sortable list for those subscribed to Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited tehdrizzit
My favourite covers KLJ3
My Indie DJ Pirtu
My Local Shop My Local Shop, can you find these issues for me? pressx2select
MyReads August 2014 Monthly overview of my comic reading Katastrophy9
Namor Beatdowns Have you ever wanted to see Namor the First, Avenging Son of Atlantis, Prince of the Blood and the true Sub-Mariner beat the hell out of someone? Track these down. Not_Your_Friend
New 52 2nd Wave SpiderJerusalem
New 52 3rd Wave SpiderJerusalem
New 52 4th Wave SpiderJerusalem
New 52 5th Wave SpiderJerusalem
New 52 6th Wave SpiderJerusalem
Not Owned [But Have Read] Graphic novels and manga are typically downloaded and then read. Every intent on purchasing the titles that I enjoy. Sosiego
OMAC Project This lists all the comics related to the OMAC Project DC event, in reading order. coppelius
P. Craig Russell - Opus List The major, numbered works of creator P. Craig Russell. mikebo
pnova's signed comics List of all signed comics. pnova
Post-Infinite Crisis Return of the LSH olympos
Quitting Time Covers Covers with the famous scene of a hero walking away from the costume TumbleMonkey
Read galvatron
Read Read but not owned raquel9e
Read & Remembered Sylvestre
Return of Donna Troy This lists all the comics related to the Return of Donna Troy DC event, in reading order. coppelius
Robin I have a list! Nukeles
Runaways digests List of Runaways digests. Fritz
Signed Books A list of comics I have had gotten autographed over the years. timothyp
Signed Issues Issues I got signed at various Comic Conventions marihone
Sin City Homage Covers TumbleMonkey
Skottie Young Covers Favourite covers by Skottie Young KLJ3
Space Chick & Nympho: Vampire Warrior Party Girl Comix From TWI Multi-Media Studios (c/o, comes the chaotic, super-heroic erotic/action adult-themed comic book/hentai manga adventure series of Tony 'Tex' Watt's infamous 90s cult-classic underground 'bad girl' comix series heroines: "Space Chick & Nympho: Vampire Warrior Party Girl"; two darkly comedic, voluptuous (barely legal) teen-aged sci-fi/fantasy babes; doing unspeakable carnal acts and a bit of the cartoon ultra-violence, one would expect from Ol' 'Tex' Watt; 'exploitation' Comic-book Creator ('Code Name: King', 'Nympho The Insatiable' and 'Space Chick & Dildroid'), Filmmaker ('Frankenpimp', 'Vixen Highway 2006: It Came From Uranus' & 'Acid Head: The Buzzard Nuts County Slaughter'), Actor ( 'Awakening:Zombie Night 2 [2008]', 'Reel Zombies [2008]' and 'Sinners & Saints [2004]'), and Author ( 'Kount Kracula's Twisted Sinema!: Obscure 21st Century Underground Horror /Sci-Fi / Fantasy / Thriller Movies & Shorts #1 '). This publication is Adults Only, baby! TonyTexWatt
Star Brand (New Universe) Chronology A chronology of the original New Universe Ken Connell/Star Brand character. MadMikeyD
Starman Chronology This is the chronological order in which James Robinson's Starman series should be read. Please note that the Times Past issues remain in their issue order as that is where they were intended to be read. Darth Kramer
Strange Kiss The list of the comics starring disgraced SAS operative and combat magician William Gravel, created by Warren Ellis and Mike Wolfer. coppelius
Superman Saga Doomsday, Death of Superman and Funeral for a Friend Reading Order WonderLad
TaNaKh Comics Comic books that include depictions of characters / stories from the Torah (Old Testament), Nevi'im (Prophets), or Khetuvim (Writings). jewishlibrarian
Ten Worst Comic Book Issues In My Collection This is a list of the ten worst comic book issues I own. Woo! This does include issues from grab bags that I've kept for posterity... after all, they're bagged and boarded with the rest of my comics. Ugh. strangetribe
The New 52 (2011) This is just a list of the #1 issues of The New 52. Tell me if I am missing another way to see them in one place on ComicBookDB. I'd like to be able to see them as a Story Arc, especially that it is becoming clear that there is a story thread tying them all together (the hooded woman). mwelbornhp
The Rann/Thanagar War This lists all the comics related to the Rann/Thanagar War DC event, in reading order. coppelius
Time and Time Again Time and Time Again Reading Order WonderLad
To Read galvatron
Top Covers A collection of covers I really like. In some cases this might be the only good thing to say about the issue :) Ukiah
Top Picks A list of issues that I highly recommend. Ukiah
Total Chaos Total Chaos Reading Order WonderLad
Transformers IDW IDW Transformers comics #1-125. pnova
Transformers: Mosaic Incomplete list of all issues of IDW Transformers Comics printing a Mosaic one page strip. These have not been collected into a collected volume yet. See following site for scans of the stories. this is the full list - not the one only printed in IDW comics. Devian Art. Seibertron. Have added 12 that I have in print. pnova
Trinity Trinity Story Arc Reading Order WonderLad
Video Game Adaptations A list of adaptations and/or spin-offs of video/computer games. Only the first issue or collection (if it exists) will be listed. Comics issued with games are included, many being directly related to the game. Let me know if I've missed anything! You can send me (mikebo) a message on the forums.

Comics like Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 / Civil War (2009), issued with the Ultimate Alliance 2 game, will not be included at this time as it only reprints other comics' content. I'm listing original content based upon games.

Villains United This lists all the comics related to the Villains United DC event, in reading order. coppelius

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